Bellus3D ups the selfie game with frightenly accurate 3D scans of your face

3D scans of your own face to try on makeup or create custom avatars could be easier to find this year if this new startup is successful. Bellus3D has the hardware to take scans from your smartphone -- now they just need software developers.

Epson embraces color with new SureColor P5000 10-ink gallery-level printer

Epson's gallery-level printer is getting upgraded with enhanced color accuracy, thanks the new orange and green inks. The 17-inch printer also boasts twice the print life of earlier generations.

With a holographic viewfinder, this camera shows anything is possible in virtual reality

With x-ray and thermal vision, the D3-U camera shows that (almost) anything is possible in a virtual world. The concept design isn't available yet but shows big potential from the HTC Vibe Tracker.

Following CameraLends acquisition, KitSplit is now the largest photo gear rental platform

KitSplit, a peer-to-peer photography rental platform based in the East Coast, has just acquired the similar West-Coast-based CameraLends, making the company the largest camera rental platform in the U.S.

Ready for a makeover? Try that look virtually first with this new smart mirror

Try on makeup before you buy -- without a makeup counter? It could be possible soon with this new augmented reality mirror that lets you try on cosmetics in real time, along with sending personalized recommendations.

Careful, your fun peace sign selfie may lead to identity theft

Ever flashed the peace sign in a selfie? You may want to think twice in the future if your phone has a fingerprint sensor securing it, because photo tech is now so advanced, only a picture is needed to steal your fingerprint data.

Follow these three styling tips for better still-life Instagram photos

YouTube channel Mango Life has created a short tutorial breaking down three simple steps you can take to improve your still-life photography, specifically that geared toward an Instagram audience.
Social Media

Obama’s farewell address to get the 360 live video treatment

President Barack Obama’s farewell address will be live-streamed in 360 video on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on Tuesday. The event is being captured using three Nokia OZO VR cameras strategically placed around the venue in Chicago.

Drive the 2017 Jaguar F-Type in real life and make it look like a video game

Drive a 2017 Jaguar F-Type in real life, then turn it into a video game with integrated GoPro overlays from steering wheel position to fuel level. You know, to make all your friends jealous.
Cool Tech

As Parrot's drone sales revenue loses altitude, company announces layoffs

2016 may have been the best year yet for drone sales -- but as prices fall, Parrot is cutting a third of its drone workforce. The company says it will be reducing the number of options and focusing on commercial drones.

Forget the Batmobile, this photo mobile launches a drone, stores camera gear

Sure, this drone-launching photo mobile is only a concept -- but if it existed, we'd want one. The concept car recently won an award from a new competition from Magna for automobile design students.

5 innovative ways to use a plastic bag in photography

If you live in a state that hasn't yet banned plastic bags, you might as well make the most out of them before you recycle them. Here's 5 simple ways you can use a plastic bag to stylize your photos.