No more flash: Google moves to HTML5 only for AdWords and DoubleClick

Google continues its crusade against Flash, insisting that all new advertisements uploaded to AdWords and DoubleClick must be displayed in HTML5 instead of the insecure and increasingly archaic Adobe Flash.

Adobe’s Portfolio lets you build websites fast, no coding required

Artists looking to build an online presence can already choose from a bunch of services to help them build a powerful portfolio site. Now Adobe has rolled out its own offering, called, appropriately enough, Portfolio.

Bob Ross teaches you how to paint ‘happy little clouds’ on an iPad Pro 3:25

Nobody is better at teaching us how to paint on an iPad Pro than Bob Ross. Well, an impersonation of him, that is. Illustrator Chad Cameron channels the beloved artist in new instructional videos from Adobe.

With Adobe Voice, users become narrators of their own unique stories

Adobe has launched Adobe Voice, a new, free storytelling app for iOS that allows users to create short videos using graphics and images. The app comes preloaded with icons, themes, and images from Adobe.

Cool tech, hipster aesthetics top 2016 Adobe Stock visual trends

The Adobe Stock team released its visual trends for 2016 which include color, perspective, and cool aesthetics. These trends are expected to lead to the most impactful imagery for brands and businesses.

Thanks to this, you may never need another software update

Code gets old and slow over time; anyone with a PC can attest to that. If only it could update itself. That's something that Adobe and MIT are actually working on and in some senses, they've already made it work.

Adobe issues emergency patch for yet another Flash exploit

If you haven't updated Flash lately, you should do so immediately as Adobe has issued an emergency patch that addresses several vulnerabilities, including one exploit that is known to be in use in what Adobe calls "limited, targeted…
Movies & TV

Firefox gets support for Netflix’s HTML5 video player on Windows

For the longest time, Firefox users wanting to watch a little Netflix had to install a plugin to do so, but now the Windows version of the browser supports Netflix's HTML5 video player, making the plugin a thing of the past.

Edit your photos in RAW with Adobe Lightroom, which is now free to use

After Adobe made the iOS Lightroom app free to use without a Creative Cloud subscription, it has followed suit for the Android app. The app also makes use of Android's RAW capture capabilities.

Knock together a video masterpiece with Adobe’s Premiere Clip editor for Android 0:40

Android users already have plenty of choice when it comes to editing video on their devices, but the launch of Premiere Clip from software giant Adobe may well be worth a look. The free app offers plenty of control and can create…

Twitch embraces the arts with Creative category, Bob Ross marathon

Twitch has expanded its gaming-focused streaming service as part of a newly established partnership with Adobe, introducing a new "Creative" category featuring streamed content from artists, musicians, and other creators.

Slate, Adobe’s visual storytelling app, now available on the Web 0:30

Slate is a new, easy-to-use iPad and Web-based storytelling app from Adobe designed to help users create visually stunning websites for presentations such as newsletters, book reports, and even magazines.