Adobe to let stock photographers sell images within Lightroom app

Lightroom and Bridge users will no longer have to open a web browser to sell stock photos. With Adobe Stock Contributor, now in public beta, photographers and graphic artists will be able to sell their own images without leaving…

Adobe celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-shirts

In an effort to spread the word about its own stock photo service, Adobe recently tracked down some of the world's cheesiest stock images and stuck them on T-shirts. And somehow they look kinda cool.

What do you get when four imaging companies work together on color calibration?

Color calibration has just gotten simpler for photographers --- if they use a certain monitor and printer, that is. Quick Color Match Pro speeds up the color calibration process for photographers using Eizo monitors and a Canon or Epson…

iPhone users can now shoot RAW DNG photos inside Lightroom

Coinciding with Apple's recent release of iOS 10, Adobe has unveiled an update to Lightroom Mobile that enables RAW DNG photo capture within the app. Now you can both capture and edit RAW photos on your iPhone.

iPhone can now shoot RAW photos, here’s why it’s a big deal

With iOS 10, iPhone users can now shoot RAW photographs with DNG – so what's the big deal? Digital Trends spoke with Photoshop co-founder, Thomas Knoll, to discuss what the update means for photography.
Virtual Reality

Latest Adobe CC feature updates make video and VR easier than ever

Adobe has announced a slew of updates to their Creative Cloud platform specifically targeted toward making life easier for video creators who work in teams and VR producers in general.

Photos taking up storage? Adobe Lightroom Virtual Copies can free up space

Lightroom's Virtual Copies, not a new feature but one that is often overlooked, removes the need to take up extra space on your hard drive, while still allowing you to try different edits for a given image.

Adobe says Canon Dual Pixel RAW support coming to Lightroom, eventually

Adobe says it will add support for the Canon 5D Mark IV's most intriguing feature, Dual Pixel RAW, to Lightroom. However, there is no exact date for when that will happen.

Lightroom Mobile’s sync functionality offers powerful editing on the go

Many of you likely already know or have at least heard of, Lightroom Mobile, Adobe’s Creative Cloud connected mobile app that allows for some surprising editing capabilities. But did you know that you can sync from Mobile to…

Adobe Flash will soon be going the way of the dodo in Google Chrome

Google has announced that before the year's end, Chrome will block Flash content by default in favor of HTML5. The change follows on the heels of similar announcements by Microsoft and Firefox developer Mozilla.

Need a Word with your PDF files? Here’s how to convert them to .docx

The most annoying thing about PDF files is that you can't edit them. Thankfully, it's easy to convert a PDF file into a standard format that's compatible with Microsoft Word.

How to take drab hair and make It pop in Photoshop

Hair can be an interesting post-editing beast to tackle, so what is the trick to getting eye-catching hair in your portraits? This video shares the Photoshop secrets to getting beautiful, natural-looking hair in Photoshop.