Twitch embraces the arts with Creative category, Bob Ross marathon

Twitch has expanded its gaming-focused streaming service as part of a newly established partnership with Adobe, introducing a new "Creative" category featuring streamed content from artists, musicians, and other creators.

Slate, Adobe’s visual storytelling app, now available on the Web 0:30

Slate is a new, easy-to-use iPad and Web-based storytelling app from Adobe designed to help users create visually stunning websites for presentations such as newsletters, book reports, and even magazines.

Put your Photoshop skills to work in Adobe’s #PsMystery Halloween game

Put your Photoshop skills to work solving Adobe's #PsMystery challenge. Through updates and clues provided on the blog and Facebook page, you can save the IXS FarStar, its crew members, and the planet Earth.

Apple bites it with decision to Photoshop a smile on a woman’s face

Adobe executive Eric Snowden, who was invited on stage during an iPad Pro demonstration, was displeased with the steely and strong (but rather neutral, unsmiling) countenance of the woman in the photo, so he Photoshopped a smile on her.

Did Adobe spill the beans on the iPad Pro’s internal memory?

Adobe may have outed the iPad Pro’s internal memory in a press release earlier today, but the reference to 4GB of RAM has since been removed. The new device is targeted at professionals and enterprise customers who want the additional…

Google will automatically pause Flash ads and videos in Chrome starting Sept. 1

Google is joining the ranks of companies sounding the death knell of Adobe’s Flash: The company announced that it will automatically pause Flash content in its Chrome browser starting Sept. 1.

Homestar and Strongbad on the woes of Flash’s demise

Adobe's Flash plugin might finally be breathing its last, but that doesn't mean we don't love what it has created, which means characters like Strongbad and Homestar Runner need saving. Fortunately, all past episodes are heading…

Enough is enough: Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox until Adobe fixes security holes

After 400GB files from Hacking Team were leaked, multiple vulnerabilities were found in Adobe Flash. To keep its users safer, Mozilla is blocking all versions of the Flash Player in Firefox until Adobe fixes all known exploits.

Facebook’s head of security wants an ‘end-of-life’ date for Flash

Following the discovery of more zero days in Adobe Flash from the recent Hacking Team breach, Facebook's chief security officer has called on Adobe to end Flash once and for all.

Two major security flaws in Adobe Flash and Windows found after Hacking Team leak

After spyware company Hacking Team was hacked itself earlier this week, two major vulnerabilities have been found in Adobe Flash and Windows systems that could actually lead to more secure systems as a result.

Adobe warns users to update in wake of ‘critical vulnerability’

Adobe has issued instructions on how Flash Player users can keep their systems safe from a 'critical vulnerability' that could potentially allow hackers to takeover systems via the Internet.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015’s big update brings new tools, stock photo service, Android apps

Adobe has unleashed a ton of new tools, performance enhancements, and other features in its Creative Cloud 2015 update. In addition, Adobe is launching a new in-app stock photo service, and is bringing more mobile apps to Android.