Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming, but where will it take place?

Development for Grand Theft Auto 6 is reported to be underway, but a location hasn't been settled on. While Rockstar considered GTA: Tokyo as far back as 2003, the next game will likely be set in the U.S.

Lindsay Lohan allowed to sue Rockstar Games over GTA V character, court says

The New York State Supreme Court ruled that Lindsay Lohan can sue Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive over a character from Grand Theft Auto V, which she believes was modeled off of her likeness.

BBC issues trailer for Grand Theft Auto docudrama, despite Rockstar’s objections

The BBC has released a trailer for The Gamechangers, an upcoming film that explores the success story behind Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series and current subject of a lawsuit from publisher Take-Two.

Master GTA V with this incredible fan-made map

Where game developers don't have time to provide extra features, fans can fill in the gaps: Witness this incredible map of the Grand Theft Auto V universe, complete with street names.

This GTA V mod recreates Vice City in all its neon glory

If you find yourself wanting to revisit the sunny Vice City from the franchise's earlier days, this upcoming Grand Theft Auto V mod will allow you to do exactly that. In the meantime, at least you can watch the video preview.

Rockstar is suing the BBC over its making-of-GTA drama

Rockstar Games has decided to take legal action against the BBC over its upcoming dramatization of Grand Theft Auto's creation, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar founder Sam Houser.

Take GTA V to the next level with the ten best mods for PC

Grand Theft Auto V is best on the PC for many reasons, and modifications may be the most important. You can cause riots, spawn unique cars and play as a cop with just a few extra files.

Modders have fashioned a groovy gravity gun for Grand Theft Auto V

We may not need to wait for Gordon Freeman to return to get a chance to play with a gravity gun, as one enterprising modder has added it to GTA V instead. It doesn't look as cool, but it can still shoot people into helicopters.

Here’s how to make GTA V look beautiful, and play well, on your PC

Nvidia has put together an incredibly comprehensive guide to tuning the settings to get GTA V running well on your machine, without it looking like garbage.

Grand Theft Auto movie adds Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe

An upcoming movie about the evolution of the controversial Grand Theft Auto game franchise has added Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe to its cast.

The BBC is creating a TV series based on Grand Theft Auto, but it isn’t what you think

As part of the BBC's Make It Digital initiative, a new TV drama is set to air on BBC Two following Grand Theft Auto creators Sam and Dan Houser as they start down the road that leads to the hit game franchise.

Watch the iconic Terminator 2 truck chase recreated in GTA V

GTA — is there anything that it can't be used for? A dedicated team of gamers have recreated the truck chase sequence from 'Terminator 2' inside Rockstar's online world, and the results are impressive.