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PayPal to move into daily deals, threat to Groupon

With 103 million users - all with analyzable shopping habits - it's surprising PayPal didn't jump into the daily deals game sooner. In the early part of next year, however, it'll take on the market's big hitters, Groupon and LivingSocial, with its own service…

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Belly wants to reinvent the customer loyalty system

Belly is a system that wants to work to retailers' and customers' benefit. First step: giving its subscription merchants iPads.

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Daily deal predictions for 2012: Who’s in, who’s out, and what discounts to expect

No matter how weary you've grown of deal-a-day discounts, the niche market hasn't been exhausted yet. Here's what to look for in 2012.

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Groupon CEO calls IPO ‘a wild ride’ as share value rises

Groupon boss Andrew Mason said in a blog post on Wednesday that its IPO process had been "a wild ride." Mason also announced some decent sales figures from last weekend - sales figures which gave a much-needed boost to its share value.

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Anti-trust watchdog fines Groupon Korea for posting fake reviews

Groupon's Korean operation has been fined the equivalent of nearly $15,000 by the country's anti-trust watchdog for posting fake reviews and exaggerating the number of products sold through the site.

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Gift your unused Groupons with

Add a little formality to daily deal gifts, which can otherwise fall remarkably flat.


How to use social media and save on Small Business Saturday

If you want to participate in the kickoff of the holiday shopping season without feeling too much like a market-driven drone, check Small Business Saturday with the help of these social networking tools.

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Groupon and other Daily Deal sites aim for larger holiday shopping share

Internet shopping this holiday season? Check out the offers from Groupon, LivingSocial and other Daily Deals sites vying for your online business.


Groupon shares drop below $20 IPO price for first time

In what has been a difficult week for Groupon on the stock market, shares in the company fell below its $20 IPO price for the first time since going public earlier this month.


Infographic: Find your daily deal fit

If daily discounts have you confused, try this flow chart to determine what subscription best fits you.

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Salvation Army rolls out digital donations with Square

While the adoption of the Square credit card reader continues to grow among large and small businesses, one popular charitable organization has latched onto the mobile payment device for the 2011 holiday season.


LivingSocial pairs real-time discounts with room service and delivery options

Now you won't even have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of location-meets-e-commerce application LivingSocial.

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Poorsquare brings Foursquare deals to the masses

Love the gaming aspect of location-based applications but can't afford the "discounts"? The answer is Poorsquare, a new hack that surfaces all things cheap.

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Groupon raises $700M in largest Internet IPO since Google

In the largest initial public offering since Google's $1.7 billion haul in 2004, daily deals site Groupon has set its IPO at $20 a share, raising $700 million for the 3-year-old startup.