Ikea’s Better Shelter goes from flat pack kit to functioning relief shelter

To help the more than 65 million displaced refugees, furniture giant Ikea designed a shelter which takes just four hours to construct. The building comes by way of Ikea's non-profit wing, the Better Shelter organization.

Backpacker turns Ikea's strangely tough shopping bags into an ultralight backpack

After spending months drooling over packs with $450 price tags, a San Diego-based computer programmer decided to try building his own with Ikea bags.

Pimp my computer desk: Ikea will “open source” a new line of customizable furniture

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is currently developing a line of “open platform” furniture that's meant to encourage tinkerers to modify DIY products into new and interesting designs.

Ikea’s new cabinets are made of recycled materials but don’t look like garbage

Ikea wants to keep plastic water bottles out of landfills by hanging them on your walls, in the form of cabinets. Its Kungsbacka cabinets are made from recycled bottles, but they look pretty sleek.

To make its furniture stronger and easier to build, Ikea creates wooden wedge dowel

Ikea's introduction of a wooden wedge dowel not only helps dramatically improve its user's construction experience but it also makes the Scandinavian manufacturer's popular wooden furniture lines increasingly durable.

Ikea's stretchy 3D-knitted chairs are like shoes you sit in

Heard of Nike's Flyknit sneakers? Ikea's newest chairs use a similar production process, 3D knitting. It creates a lightweight, semi-see-through material that's stylish and comfortable, according to the company.

Ikea to offer indoor hydroponic garden systems in U.S. following U.K. launch

Purveyors of literally everything, Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA plans on selling indoor hydroponic gardening systems this spring to its U.K. customers. The units are expected to be available in the U.S. during the spring…

The more your kitchen evolves, the more it stays the same

We’ve come a long way since discovering fire, but even as our kitchens sprout screens, Wi-Fi and sensors, the fundamentals of good cooking remain unchanged.

How does your garden grow? Indoors, thanks to these eight devices

Even if you kill every plant, there's a smart gardening device for you. Best of all? Many of them work indoors, so even apartment-dwellers have the opportunity to enjoy some greenery or grow fresh tomatoes.

Need a laugh? Watch people try to build Ikea furniture while high in ‘Hikea’

The only way to correctly assemble Ikea furniture? Under the influence. Let's be honest -- it can't make it any harder than it already is, and at the very least, it'll make it a hell of a lot more entertaining. Watch Hikea to…

Ikea's $8 Lack table makes for one simple DIY product photography booth

DSLR Video Shooter shows how you can easily build a product photography booth using Ikea's $8 Lack side table, some white foam core, paper, lamp, and a little elbow grease.

Ikea not so into Kanye West designing its dorm-room furniture

Despite his well wishes, Kanye West was spurned by furniture giant IKEA who said that while it's flattered, there's no intention of collaboration with the typically outspoken artist. West wanted to design its flat pack furniture.