Sit down and relax in our favorite office chairs

Sitting all day is tough on more than just your back. Check out our picks for the best office chairs, whether you're in the market for something basic or a bit more luxurious.

Ikea to offer indoor hydroponic garden systems in the U.K.

Purveyors of literally everything, Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA plans on selling indoor hydroponic gardening systems this spring to its U.K. customers. The units are expected to be available in the U.S. during the spring of…

Ikea is considering shipping furniture with eco-friendly ‘Mushroom Packaging’ instead of Styrofoam 1:53

Ikea might start shipping its famous flat-pack furniture with eco-friendly, fungus-grown packaging instead of polystyrene, which harms the environment. It is considering Ecovative, a NY-based firm that has been manufacturing…

Your morning coffee could recharge you and your phone soon with Ikea’s Heat Harvest idea 2:38

Thanks to an idea known as Heat Harvest, recently developed at the Ikea-run research lab Space10 in Copenhagen, we may soon be able to purchase tables that harvest heat generated by coffee cups and turn it into electrical energy.

Ikea turns kids’ artwork into toys for its charity campaign

As part of its charitable campaign, Ikea selected designs submitted by children and turned them into hand puppets and plush toys. The toys will help raise funds for various charities.
Cool Tech

Watching this robot fail at building IKEA furniture will make you feel better about yourself

A new research effort shows that even robots, who in addition to their own fine motor skills, were developed by individuals with some serious engineering degrees, struggle with constructing IKEA furniture.

Keep your smartphone food-free and your friends happy with Ikea’s fun new placemat

Ikea has come up with a solution to whether it's polite to put your phone, face up, on the dinner table or not. Its new placemat lets you keep your phone in sight, without making it too obvious.

Ditch your cords with IKEA’s wireless charging furniture

Definitely easier than hunting down a charging cable, IKEA's new furniture line includes wireless charging inserts that will charge any mobile device that supports the Qi wireless charging standard.

Ikea wants to host your wedding – online

Ikea has launched a new service that lets you tie the knot in a virtual setting, with friends and family from around the world invited to attend your special day. No, we're not making it up.