How a dog became the photographer, thanks to a GoPro

When Twin Cities high school student Susie Kixmoeller tried unsuccessfully to take candid photos of her rescue dog at play, she found a way to shoot without interrupting the play -- she turned her dog into the photographer.

Businesses take note: Instagram could be gearing up to implement boosted posts

If some currently unutilized code in Instagram's latest software is any indication, it appears that Instagram is gearing up to implement boosted posts or something similar - a move sure to upset business owners.

Iran says Kim Kardashian and Instagram are behind a plot to corrupt its web users

Kim Kardashian and Instagram are being accused by Iran of conspiring to spread "immoral" behavior online, amid a social media crackdown in the country. The allegations came in the wake of a series of arrests of female models who were known…

Models arrested in Iran over ‘un-Islamic’ photos posted on Instagram

An undercover police operation on social media use in Iran has led to the arrests of eight women identified as Instagram models. A court in the country has accused the women of spreading "un-Islamic" posts on the app.
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Chocolate vs. vanilla? It’s not even a contest, Instagram analysis finds

Cakejournal recently took a close look at the most Instagrammed desserts across the country and their flavors of choice, and the results are clear. When it comes to America’s sweet tooth, it’s all about the chocolate.

Instagram is bringing detailed in-app analytics to business profiles

As part of its upcoming business profiles, Instagram will release Facebook-style analytics to help brands better measure activity and engage with their audiences. The metrics would provide better insights than comments or likes.
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While everyone freaked out about Instagram’s new logo, a bigger change took place

Instagram's most active users have to figure out new ways to get their content in front of your eyes. But even though the new algorithmic timeline may be unpopular, it could make the service better.

Instagram expands baffling list of censored hashtags to stem the rise of NSFW pics

Instagram has expanded its list of banned hashtags in an effort to further target pornographic material on its app. The updated list now includes a host of baffling new entries, including #Kansas and #Easter, among others.

This simple ‘hack’ brings back Instagram’s original, beloved icon

Don't like Instagram's new icon? While there isn't much you can do about it, a user experience designer offers this simple "hack" to restore the old one and all its retro glory on iOS devices.
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WTH? Peachy Printer Kickstarter co-founder did what with the dough? 3:15

Some Kickstarter projects, despite hitting or surpassing funding goals, never quite get it together and deliver on promises. But few fail in as spectacular a fashion as the Peachy Printer 3D printer project.

Instagram reinvents itself with clean new design and icon in latest update

After more than five years, Instagram is unveiling a new identity and app design. Usability remains the same, but the app now features a simple black-and-white scheme that acts as a blank canvas to color photos.
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Twitter claims users trust social media influencers as much as their own friends

Twitter says social media stars on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, and its own platform can influence your purchasing habits as much as your own friends. The claims come in the wake of a study into the clout wielded by social media creators.