Working like a dog: Instagram’s popular pups bank up to $3,000 per post

It's a dog's life. Popular Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs are generating thousands of dollars in advertising revenue for their owners, thanks to a new talent agency devoted to securing brand partnerships for social media canines.
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New ‘Vivaldi’ web browser debuts, does it have a chance? 2:32

There’s a new browser out today called Vivaldi, and it sort of goes in the opposite direction of current browser trends. Plus: a smarter-than-ever drone and a woman's Instagram account gets frozen due to a cake photo.

Instagram disables a mom’s account for posting this photo of a cake

Instagram clearly needs to sort out its breast-detecting algorithms. The photo-sharing service, which doesn't do nudity, recently disabled the account of a British mom when its robocops decided her photo of a cake looked too much like a…

Instagram’s rich kids are revealing their super-rich parents’ hidden assets

Instagram's rich kids are unknowingly helping investigators seize their super-rich parents' hidden assets, worth millions of dollars, thanks to their lavish social media posts, according to a new report.
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NBC’s Today to engage fans with new Facebook Live Video booth, Instagram Mini Room

NBC's Today show is turning to social media to engage fans in new ways. The talk show has unveiled its new Facebook Live Video booth and Instagram Mini Room, where hosts and guests will be able to share behind-the-scenes video and photos.

Tell a proper story with Instagram’s new 60-second video lenghth

Instagram used to let you share only 15-second videos, but the social network has lifted the barrier. Users can now post videos of up to 60 seconds in length, allowing them to tell a longer story.

Instagram assures worried users its feed isn’t changing, for now

Instagram has been forced to provide further details of its impending feed update. The announcement comes in the wake of a torrent of posts from the app's most popular users urging others to enable notifications for their posts.

Kendall Jenner reveals secrets behind her Instagram success

Kendall Jenner has graced a special digital edition cover of fashion magazine Vogue, in which she discusses the secrets behind her Instagram success that has seen her amass a whopping 64 million followers on the app.
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Instagram adds a notification center to its desktop version

While you still can't access all the functionality of Instagram on your computer, you can do a whole lot more today than you could just a few years ago -- and now, the latest improvement comes in the form of a desktop notification center.
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Pope’s Instagram account hits a million followers in record time

With nearly 9 million followers on Twitter, it's little surprise the pope's new Instagram account, which launched Saturday, has already picked up 1.4 million followers. And the speed at which the account reached a million set a new record…
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What states are talking the most about guns on Instagram?

Instagram has become an incredible tool for social listening, and thanks to new research for Net Quote, we have quite the picture of what the conversation around guns looks like across the United States.

Pope Francis all set to bless Instagram

Pope Francis is gearing up to flip the switch on his own Instagram account. Launching this weekend, @franciscus will run in tandem with the pope's @pontifex Twitter account, which now has more than eight million followers.