How much do you love Minecraft? Enough to build a PC from scratch?

Diamond collector? Tree punching enthusiast? This Minecraft fan built a custom PC specifically for playing Minecraft, and made sure it looked the part.


Minecraft developer’s Cobalt brings Space Hamster to Xbox and PC in October

Minecraft developer Mojang has partnered with Microsoft Studios to bring the fast-paced multiplayer platformer Cobalt to Xbox consoles and PC platforms this fall.


Minecraft players can now grab the Windows 10 Edition beta

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is releasing as a beta, with feedback tools and features designed to let the game evolve as the community sees fit. Features from the Pocket Edition will also be included.


Minecraft movie gets a director in Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny

The Minecraft movie will be directed by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney, according to game publisher Mojang AB. The Warner Bros. project will bring the game to the big screen.

Minecraft meets the traditional MMO in Trion Worlds’ free-to-play Trove

Have you ever wished Minecraft had more traditional MMO features, or that your favorite MMO was more like Minecraft? Trion Worlds' latest free-to-play MMO adventure Trove might be right up your alley.


Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series channels Minecraft in PS4 spinoff

Publisher Square Enix today revealed Dragon Quest Builders, a building-block spin-off to its long-running Japanese RPG series with an aesthetic similar to Mojang's indie hit Minecraft.


Patton Oswalt stars in the debut trailer for Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode

Starring comedian and card-carrying geek Patton Oswalt, Minecraft: Story Mode is a five-part episodic adventure set in the open-ended, voxelated world of Mojang's monumental game, Minecraft. Here is the debut trailer.


Soon to be elder: Mojang’s Scrolls has ceased development

Scrolls, the card-strategy game from Minecraft developer Mojang, has ceased development, and the studio plans to close its servers by July 1, 2016. The company has not announced any change of plans in regard to this week's Minecon.


Microsoft’s Minecraft with Hololens demo dazzles: DT Daily

Password manager LastPass needs you to reset your password, Microsoft dazzles E3 with their Hololens/Minecraft demo, Sony rolls their Vue TV system out to more cities.

DT Daily

No Wii U, but want to play Splatoon? Now you can – in Minecraft

An impressive fan-made mod for Minecraft thoroughly recreates the core, team-based competitive mode of Splatoon, Nintendo's recently released shooter. And its creator hasn't even played the game!


Battle of the Blocks: Lego takes on Minecraft with Lego Worlds

The biggest name in real world block-building is taking on the king of video game construction with Lego Words, TT Games' take on Minecraft, dropping the survival in order to focus on fun and free creativity.


HoloLens price could be out of reach for some people, says Microsoft executive

Ever wish you could bring the hottest video games into your own living room? The Microsoft HoloLens could do that, but the price may be out of reach for an increasingly cost-conscious consumer base.


You can now create Minecraft mods using Java in Visual Studio

Microsoft has announced that, thanks to a new add-in for Visual Studio, anyone familiar with Java can create mods for Minecraft. The tool is meant to be a gateway for young developers.


Minecraft is coming to every secondary school in Northern Ireland

MinecraftEdu, an educational version of Mojang's breakout game of building and exploration, is being distributed for free to schools in Northern Ireland by the CultureTECH Festival.


A Game of Blocks: Bran Stark shows you around the ever-growing Minecraft Westeros

Isaac Hempstead-Wright--Bran Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones--narrates this new trailer for WesterosCraft, a massive, fan-made recreation of Westeros within the confines of Minecraft.