Amid challenges, Samsung changes mobile chief for first time in 6 years

Aiming to turn its smartphone business around, Samsung is changing its mobile chief for the first time in six years. Dongjin Koh, the firm's former head of mobile R&D, replaces JK Shin, who's seen the unit through good times and, more…

Get ready to roll: Samsung patents show flexible, foldable phones and tablets

Samsung has filed patents for devices that feature flexible displays. The patents include a scrollable tube where users pull the display out, a flexible phone that acts like a book, and a bendable phone.

Glorious 128GB DDR4 RAM hits the business market

Samsung blasts the door open with 128GB DDR4 RAM for enterprises. Consumer hardware on the way, though it might take a few years before you see this type of memory speed in one of your everyday devices,

Google might step in and make TouchWiz faster and less buggy

Google might be planning to work with Samsung on optimizing its custom Android user experience, TouchWiz. The two companies will work to make sure the skin is faster and has less bugs, hopefully improving the experience for millions of…

Samsung's new camera tech means better low-light photos, and a smaller lens hump on its phones

Samsung has announced a new type of camera technology called Britecell. Coming to mobile devices next year, the smaller modules may mean a reduction in the hump that has surrounded Samsung's camera lenses on previous phones.

Samsung fan? Check out its Black Friday deals on tablets, phones, and more

Samsung's deals for Black Friday went live, a few days ahead of the big day. The company is offering hundreds of deals on wearables, TVs, tablets, and more. You can find most of its smartphone deals through the various carriers.

Samsung smartwatch sales are up ‘several hundred percent’ compared to last year

Samsung might not be doing so well in the mobile industry, but its smartwatch sales are up "several hundred percent" compared to last year, according to one executive. That might be due to the Gear S2's massive popularity in South Korea.

Samsung's Galaxy A9 pops up in benchmarks with mid-range specs

The Samsung Galaxy A series isn't as well known as the Galaxy S, Note, and Edge models, but they are some of the nicest phones you will ever hold in your hand. The Galaxy A9 could be Samsung's next chapter in the A series.

Sprint will give you a free 24-inch HDTV if you activate an LG G4 on its network for Black Friday

Trying not to be outdone by its competitors, Sprint unveiled its own Black Friday deals. Of note is a free 24-inch LG HDTV if you decide to activate an LG G4 on its network. Of course, that's not the only deal, so read on to learn more.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge could be plus sized and sport a MicroSD card slot

It was once believed that Samsung's curved edge display is quite popular, but that might not be the case. A new report says Samsung will only offer one Edge phone next year and it will likely be a Galaxy S7 variant.

Samsung Pay now supports Chase credit cards and several credit unions 0:55

Samsung Pay aims to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the mobile payment space. The system works with NFC and verifies payments with your fingerprint. Here's everything you need to know.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 may get a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is reportedly on the way. Here's everything we know so far about Samsung's next flagship mobile device, including possible specifications, pricing, and release date information.