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Microsoft still on track for July release of Windows 10

A leak from AMD's CEO in April suggested Microsoft will launch Windows 10 in July. The Verge claims its sources have confirmed that rumor, and that the new operating system will release to manufacturers soon.


SmartThings adds Windows Phone support to its home automation hub

Joining the existing iOS and Android apps, SmartThings' new Windows Phone application opens up the platform to an even wider population of smart-home enthusiasts.


Thief decides chunky old flip phone isn’t worth stealing, gives it back to owner

A mugger didn't get what he wanted when he accosted Kevin Cook in Central Park just after Christmas, as the old flip phone handed over wasn't even deemed worthy enough to have for nothing.


‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ comes to lots of mobile devices in December

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to so many mobile devices in December 2013. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, all with the expected contextual touchscreen controls, improved-for-mobile checkpointing, and controller support.


Microsoft’s Windows Store reaches 100,000 apps, still trying to catch up with competition

Microsoft reached an important milestone for its Windows Store: 100,000 applications. This is especially great news for Surface RT owners, since, unlike the Pro version, the RT version of the tablet can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store. Still…


Dumb people, smartphones: One in four users saves dirty pictures on their phones

According to AVG Security, as many as 1 in 4 people have intimate photos on their mobile devices, evidence to the consumer's lack of knowledge about mobile security and privacy. Come on guys, delete those Snapchats.


Microsoft’s Surface tablet: Do we have an iPad killer?

Microsoft new Surface tablets could represent a sea change for the company. But are they really competing with the Apple iPad, or do they just represent the latest take on a "netbook?"


Does Firefox have a mobile future?

Mozilla has ambitious plans for mobile in the coming year, but will the team behind Firefox be able to make the leap to mobile, or be left stranded on the desktop?

Android Army

Cool chart: NPD shows the growth of Android and iOS

NPD has released a chart showing the changing market share of smartphone operating systems over the last six years. Watch the world of RIM and Windows Mobile become the land of Android and iOS.

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Microsoft previews Windows 8 at BUILD

The veteran manufacturer shows it still has some fresh ideas on computing with Windows 8.


New Android virus secretly records phone calls

A new Trojan virus that targets Android smartphones covertly records users' phone calls. Unfortunately, this malicious software is just one part of a new trend in hacking that targets Android and Apple iOS devices.

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Microsoft to pay Alcatel $70 mln for infringement

A jury has ruled Microsoft must pay Alcatel some $70 million for infringing on data entry patents - Microsoft, of course, is mulling its options.


HTC is developing Windows Phone Mango handsets, says CEO

HTC CEO Peter Chou has revealed that the company is, as expected, working on Windows Phone Mango handsets.


Android to lead smartphone market through 2015, says IDC

The analysts at IDC say Android will not only become the most widely-used mobile operating system in the world, but it will increase its lead through 2015.


Rumor: Signs point to in-house Motorola OS development

Speculation has come to a head that Motorola is creating its own Web-based OS, all while the company confirms its commitment to Android.

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