BMW adding to Mini’s portfolio with three new versions by the end of the decade


If you’re a big fan of Anglo auto icon Mini and its various models then you’ll be excited to learn that German auto manufacturer BWM is planning on extending the Mini brand by the end of the decade. According to a recent report in Automotive News, and confirmed by Mini’s global director Kay Segler, Mini is looking to extend the current lineup of Mini vehicles by three models.

Information and specifics about the new Mini’s were not discussed in detail, but Segler was able to confirm that the new models planned would likely make use of an all-new BMW Group front-wheel-drive platform that will be utilized with the second generation of Mini Cooper hardtop in 2014.

While the Mini Cooper started out as single production entity, over time, the introduction of new models has made way for the brands current lineup of six body styles.


Next month will see the arrival of the Mini Roadster and a coupe version of the four-door Countryman crossover, which is being dubbed the Countryman Coupe. You might remember the Countryman Coupe; it debuted as the Paceman concept at last year’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

Of course there is no questioning the popularity of the Mini especially in the United States where, according to figures, Mini sold a record 57,511 cars last year – a number that executives over at BMW expect to build upon this year. However, does adding three new models serve to help or hinder BMW’s progress and plans for the Mini brand, and are consumers even interested in three new Mini variants? We can’t be sure right now, but it appears BMW is not aware that less is sometimes more.