eBay launches ‘Green Driving’ site for alternative energy enthusiasts


We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re all pretty familiar with eBay. In fact, most of us have probably bought or sold something on the site at one point or another in our lives. Now, the online auction Mecca has launched a new site devoted entirely to alternative energy vehicles.

eBay’s “Green Driving” site is exactly what it sounds like: a website dedicated to alt-fuels for green car enthusiasts or potential shoppers. Cars are broken down into various categories like electric, hybrid, diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG), with links for cars found on the eBay Motors site. There is even a category for high mileage gas guzzlers if you’re looking to see how they stack up against all the breeds of new-fangled hybrids and electrics.

More than anything, eBay’s Green Driving seems to be a pretty decent resource if you’re interested in purchasing an electric car, or simply want to learn more about them. eBay has even partnered with the Department of Energy, using data from the DOE’s fueleconomy.gov to ensure accurate side-by-side comparisons of fuel-economy and information on driving range, estimated vehicle cost, estimated annual costs, and ecological impact.

“eBay Green Driving offers a one-of-a-kind experience for car enthusiasts who are interested in more efficient vehicle options to save money at the pump, and reduce overall environmental impact,” Gregory Boutte, Vice President of eBay Motors and Electronics in North America said in a statement. “This site combines informative content with our extensive parts and vehicles inventory to address the growing trend towards fuel efficiency and deliver a relevant experience that can only be found on eBay.”

Adjusting to new technology — especially new car technology — can be a scary thing for people, even for those up to speed with all the latest advancements. Apart from some innovations here and some tweaks there, cars have remained relatively unchanged when it comes to the energy that’s powering them. And because alternative energy-powered cars are still so new, and remain on the fringe of the automotive industry as whole — at least for now — they have a tendency to frighten and confuse people. Hopefully, eBay’s new Green Driving site will help counteract that and prove a valuable resource — whether you’re looking to buy, or not.