Ford Australia creates new Transformers character “Falcatron”

Falcatron Transfomer created by Ford AustraliaDisappointed that its cars were virtually shut out of Michael Bay’s Transfomers movies, Ford Australia decided to hijack the release of the new video game Transfomers: Fall of Cybertron by creating its own, unofficial character.

Dubbed “Falcatron,” the newest Transformer is based on Ford’s Falcon XR6 sport sedan. As with all automobile-based Transformers, the Falcon’s front end is prominently displayed on Falcatron’s chest, which makes one wonder why other car companies haven’t thought to design their own giant robot marketing machines.

In vehicle mode, Falcatron sports some futuristic customization, including glowing orange trim and a funky two-tier rear spoiler. The armor plating covering the windows might be an allusion to the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, who drove a 1973 XB Falcon.

Falcatron may look ready to drop kick a Decepticon, but he is really just a piece of corporate-sponsored fan art. Ford Australia said Falcatron was designed by High Moon Studios, producers of the Fall of Cybertron game, but he is not part of the official Transformers canon.

General Motors nabbed the rights to have its vehicles turned into talking robots for the three Transformers movies, so all the glory went to Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, and Pontiac. In the first movie, one of the villains, Barricade, transformed into a Ford Saleen Mustang police car.

In the original Transformers cartoon, robotic characters turned into a Toyota minivan (Ironhide), a Volkswagen Beetle (Bumblebee), a Porsche 935 (Jazz), and, of course, Optimus Prime was a cab-over semi truck.

If the Transformers ever went to Australia, the Ford Falcon would make a pretty good disguise. Going back to the original, Robert McNamara-designed Falcon of the 1960s, the car has been one of Australia’s most popular nameplates.

The top-performing Falcon XR6 produces 362 horsepower and 393 pound-feet of torque, courtesy of a turbocharged 4.0-liter inline-six, so it should be fast enough to outrun Megatron and company. The sedan body means the Falcon would also make a decently-sized robot.

The only question is: Would Falcatron get along with Bumblebee (a Chevy Camaro), or would the Ford-GM rivalry be too much?