Mercedes-Benz collaborates with British yacht builder on luxury boat

Mercedes-Benz yacht profile viewMercedes-Benz likes to remind people that it built the world’s first practical internal combustion-engined car, but now the company is branching out into other areas of transportation. The bearers of the three-pointed star recently teamed up with Britain’s Silver Arrows Marine to design a luxury yacht.

The yacht, nicknamed “Silver Arrow of the seas” in reference to Mercedes’ classic racing cars, measures 46 feet long and features exterior styling and interior design from the people who brought you the SLS AMG and SL-Class.

While the boat does not have any hood vents, turn signals, or gullwing doors, some automotive design elements can be glimpsed. The shape of the cockpit definitely echoes the curved greenhouse of a CL 550 or E-Class Coupe.

Mercedes also had major input on the yacht’s interior, which has enough space for overnight cruises. The interior can be reconfigured to serve as a lounge during the day and a cabin at night. The glass roof should provide spectacular views, or help passengers get an indoor suntan.

Don’t expect one of AMG’s turbocharged V8s in the engine room; Silver Arrows Marine handled all of the technical aspects of this project; Mercedes involvement was limited to aesthetics.

Like most Mercedes cars, this yacht’s sportiness is tempered with luxury. Mercedes describes it as an oceangoing Granturismo vehicle, not a speed boat.

The “Silver Arrow of the seas” sets sail in 2013, for a price that will probably surpass a small country’s GDP.Mercedes-Benz yacht rear view

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Mercedes has lent its name to a boat. Cigarette owner Skip Braver used his connections in Stuttgart to create an “Inspired by AMG” 46-footer, based on Cigarette’s Rider XP.

The Mercedes-AMG-Cigarette was modeled on the SLS AMG and sported two 9.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8s from Mercury Racing, producing a total of 2,700 horsepower. However, the open-cockpit Cigarette did not have gullwing doors.

Cigarette and Mercedes renewed their collaboration earlier this year with a 50-foot boat inspired by the C63 AMG Black Series. That vessel was based on Cigarette’s Marauder and featured the same pair of Mercury V8s with the same, 2,700 hp output.

Dabbling in watercraft is part of an overall scheme by Mercedes’ parent, Daimler, to create an “all-encompassing mobility,” with vehicles of every sort designed by Mercedes’ stylists.

Despite having an abundant lineup of cars to work on, those stylists have found the time to work on other projects, including the Eurocopter EC 145 helicopter and a line of designer furniture.