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Best Prime Day smart plug deals for 2021: The best sales you can still shop

All the latest Amazon Prime Day smart plug deals and sales

Say goodbye to Prime Day 2021 — it ended officially at midnight last night. There were more than 2 million Prime Day deals in more than 20 countries according to Amazon. And that doesn’t count the Walmart Deals for Days sale still going on. Fortunately, there are still Prime Day smart plug deals available. We’ve rounded up the best Prime Day smart plug deals for you to check out right now. If you’re planning to make your home a little smarter, more automated, and able to work better for you, then smart plugs are what you need. Right now, Amazon has a few remaining Prime Day smart plug sales going on, so you can reap the benefits of new smart home devices for far less than the usual price. So if you’ve found the deal or deals you want, don’t hesitate to buy them if they fit your budget. We’ve already seen a number of deals blow through the existing inventory, which means either you can no longer get the deal, or you can still get the deal, but you might have to wait for months for delivery.

Of course, Prime Day deals aren’t just about smart plugs, so if you’re looking for something else for your home, we’ve got all the best deals here. These deals include the best Prime Day Philips Hue deals as well as the best Prime Day smart home deals for improving how well-automated your home is. If you’re specifically looking to boost your heating needs, then the best Prime Day Nest Thermostat deals and the best Prime Day smart thermostat deals will help you out, too. Right now, we’re focusing on the best Prime Day smart plug sales, so keep it locked in here to learn all about them and to gain some insight into how best to choose the right smart plug for you.

Best Prime Day smart plug deals available now

Should you buy a new smart plug in a last-minute Prime Day deal?

There are a few different ways of looking at whether Prime Day is a good time to buy a new smart plug. The most obvious one is ‘do you need a new smart plug?’ If you’re looking to make your home smarter in all manners of ways, they’re a fairly inexpensive way of making your home more automated. We’ll go into further detail later on about why they’re so good and how you can use them but, for now, if you want to make your home more modern, we recommend them.

Alongside that, you have a think about whether you can afford to treat yourself to a new smart plug. Prime Day sales are a great time to get more for less, but you do still need to be able to afford something to reap the benefits. Don’t be taken in if finances are tight.

Having said that, Prime Day is traditionally a great time for buying new technology. Amazon is always keen to cut the prices on new gadgets, meaning the offers here often are on a par with more famous sales events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You also gain the benefit of enjoying your new smart plug now, rather than having to wait until the holidays to see how great they are.

Prime Day smart plug deals are a good way to spread the cost, too, with the odds likely that you’ve got a lot to buy during the holidays but less so during the summer months. You can treat yourself to some new technology now rather than feeling obliged to hang back and spend your cash on gift purchases.

There’s also the benefit of exclusivity via the Prime Day deals. Prime Day is solely for Amazon Prime members so the competition is less extensive. While Black Friday may have you trying to buy new items up against literally everyone, Prime Day means you’re only competing against other Prime members. That means inventory tends to shift a little more slowly, giving you the chance to actually buy what you want in time. Having said that, when you find the right deal for you, don’t be afraid to snap it up. Stock still will be limited. Luckily, we’re on hand with everything you need to know about what to look for.

How to choose a smart plug

If you’re thinking about buying a smart plug as part of the Prime Day smart plug sales, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. We don’t blame you if you’re simply intrigued by the technology but could do with looking over our guide to exactly what are smart plugs. Effectively, you plug them in like a regular plug and they turn a dumb device like a conventional lamp or coffee maker into a smart device. That means you can enjoy benefits such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant support, and then use the plug to control the device from anywhere or set up timers.

We’ve got a guide to the best smart plugs out there but generally, checking out customer reviews should help you out a ton. Alternatively, if you specifically want the best outdoor smart plugs, we’ve got you covered there too as you’ll need to consider other factors here such as how weatherproof the device is.

Smart plugs might feel a little gimmicky but they’re hugely useful when used correctly with plenty of intelligent uses for smart plugs to consider.

Before you hit the buy button, it’s important to consider some key things about your potential smart plug acquisition. One of the most crucial factors is what kind of voice assistant compatibility you may need. Not all plugs will be compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, but that might not be a problem depending on your setup. You want to make sure everything plays together nicely.

Energy efficiency and monitoring are useful, too, as ideally, you want the smart plug to be able to automatically switch an appliance on and off as when your schedule expects it to. Surge protection is useful as well if you can find it, as you’ll know all your appliances are extra safe that way.

You’ll also want to check any size considerations to ensure the plug slots into your living space easily, and it’s a good move to think about whether you plan on ever using it outdoors or not. Finally, check out any customer reviews to see if there are any obvious issues going on. Big-name brands are generally the most reliable options out there but that doesn’t mean you should entirely overlook lesser-known options either. That’s especially the truth if they’re a great price.

When it comes to getting the right bargain from the Prime Day smart plug sales, keep an eye on the price changes. Some discounts may seem more incremental than anything too impressive and that may make you feel less inclined to go for the deal. Don’t be lured in simply because the countdown timer is running down fast. Not every Prime Day deal is an actual bargain, so it’s important you know what you’re getting into.

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