5G is making our lives easier

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The promise of 5G is becoming a reality in 2020. While the revolution has yet to be rolled out in automated vehicles that can communicate with their environment, the technology is already making radical changes to our most closely held devices in ways that make life easier. In the United States, the 5G smartphone deal to keep an eye on right now is US Cellular’s.

5G is Faster, More Powerful, and Reliable

Smartphones powered by a 5G network will be faster and more powerful than anything that’s come before, with the ability to respond in what will feel like real-time, but US Cellular’s 5G network stands out for its reliability. US Cellular’s 5G deal for the Galaxy S20, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra uses a 600 MHz spectrum that will not be stopped by walls or barriers that interrupt other 5G networks. This network will hold up in the office, in the living room, on city streets, and on country roads. What’s the point of having the fastest speeds at your fingertips if they stop working the moment you step through your front door?

WFH with 5G

Right now, home is where 5G has the greatest potential to make our lives easier. Working from home is a part of life for many of us, and nothing is more critical to telecommuting than reliable, high-speed Internet access. Of course, working from home has always been unpredictable, which is why a reliable 5G device can be a serious productivity booster.

It would be wonderful if the greatest threat to a videoconference with your boss or a client were a noisy pet in the background. Far more common and frustrating is a disrupted internet connection or being unable to access high-speed internet at all. The Galaxy S20 phones with 5G provide a reliable stand-in for when a desktop with high-speed internet is just not available. US Cellular’s 5G network virtually eliminates latency while providing Full HD quality for video chats, making your phone the most reliable tool to stay in touch with your office and your loved ones, no matter where you are in your home.

Family Time with 5G

When it comes to quality time with loved ones, 5G doesn’t just create seamless video chats. These 5G speeds also mean entire movies and TV shows can be downloaded and streamed in 4K almost instantly, so you never have to wait to start the next episode with your partner, even on the go.

Gaming with 5G

It isn’t just work productivity that will be getting a boost. The gaming experience will be similarly transformed by the faster speeds and constant connectivity, giving mobile playing console-level quality. The Galaxy S20 with 5G also features an intelligent battery that charges faster, lasts longer, and comes with wireless power sharing with fellow 5G buddies. With this solution to power-draining games, those long nights of gaming on the floor while plugged into your outlet are over.

More Storage with 5G

One thing the Galaxy S20 with 5G has that is sure to improve all aspects of your life is its memory capacity, which will be a seismic upgrade compared to 4G LTE. 5G allows for more storage than ever, and Galaxy S20 users can also expand their memory so they don’t have to make the painful decision of which photos, videos, texts, or memes they want to keep.

After months (even years) of waiting, the power of 5G is finally making it into our hands, connecting us to one another in ways that could unleash a new level of creativity when the world needs it most.

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