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Photography Reviews

Insta360 One R review: How 360-degree video should be

The Insta360 One R is a build-your-own action camera that goes beyond 360. We tried the Insta360 One R 1" Edition and Twin Edition to see how the mods hold up.
fujifilm x t200 review product dm 1500px6

Fujifilm X-T200 review: All the camera you need

The travel-ready, compact mirrorless camera was recently updated to include USB webcam functionality, making it as capable at home as it is on the road.
loupedeck creative tool review ct 2988

Loupedeck’s Creative Tool makes photo editing feel like a video game

The Loupedeck Creative Tool combines physical and touch controls for a fun, intuitive take on photo and video editing that will excite your inner child.
blackmagic design atem mini pro review hands on dm 10

Blackmagic Design’s Zoom-ready HDMI switcher has no right to be this cool

The Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro (and cheaper, non-Pro version) is the multicamera streaming solution for the rest of us, and it's an absolute blast.
DJI Mavic Air 2 front view in the air

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: Smarter, faster, stronger

DJI continues to rule the consumer drone market with the release of the Mavic Air 2. Improvements in all areas make it a great drone for casual and pro flyers.
nikon p950

Nikon P950 review: Epic zoom that’s easy to use

With a monstrous 83x zoom lens, the Nikon P950 is the master of up-close-and-personal detail, but sluggish performance keep it from being the best superzoom.
lensbaby velvet 28 review 16

Lensbaby Velvet 28 review: Meet the wide-angle McDreamy lens

If you prefer your creative effects in-camera instead of in Photoshop, the Lensbaby Velvet 28 may be for you. Create glowing images with its soft, dreamy blur.
sigma 20mm f14 art review 9

Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art review: More than a landscape lens

Released in 2015, Sigma's 20mm F1.4 Art faces new competition. With its combination of wide focal length and bright aperture, it remains the wide-angle to beat.
sony fe 20mm f18 review lens 7771

Sony FE 20mm f/1.8 G lens review: A superb landscape lens

As the widest native full-frame E-Mount prime, Sony's FE 20mm f/1.8 G is a brilliant astrophotography and landscape lens, with performance that's hard to beat.
Olympus OMD E M1

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Review: Making impossible shots easy

With the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, less is more, because you don't need to bring a tripod. The E-M1 Mark III reworks the E-M1X into a smaller body.
nikon d780 review product  6

Nikon D780 review: Even the best DSLR is still a DSLR

The Nikon D780 replaces the half-decade-old D750. It's a worthy upgrade, but its best new features concern live-view shooting, where the D780 becomes an overweight mirrorless camera.
blackmagic design ursa mini pro 46k g2 review 5

Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 hands-on review

The Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 continues Blackmagic Design's trend of making powerful but approachable cinema cameras for indie and low-budget productions. From its interchangeable lens mounts to the flexible Blackmagic RAW codec, it is one fo the most versatile video cameras you can buy.
Olympus OMD E M1

Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-45mm F4.0 Pro review: Small, but sturdy

Is a narrower aperture worth creating a smaller, cheaper lens? The Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-45mm F4.0 Pro is a lightweight weather-sealed lens that's ideal for all-day shoots. The lens is capable of capturing some sharp images with minimal distortion. The narrower f/4 aperture, however, isn't for everyone.
gopro media mod review featured cropped

GoPro Media Mod review: Turn your action cam into a YouTuber’s dream

With an integrated shotgun microphone and two shoe mounts, the Media Mod lays the foundation to build your GoPro Hero8 Black into a production tool. While not everyone will appreciate the audio quality of the integrated mic, the options for expandability are very welcome.
sigma 14 24mm f28 dg dn art review 4

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art review: A true work of art

Built specifically for mirrorless cameras and housed in a smaller, lighter body, this is the new fast ultra-wide to beat. With equal performance and nearly the same price as the original, Sigma's second 14-24mm F2.8 Art lens is a winner.
sigma 35mm f12 art review dg dn 2

Sigma 35mm F1.2 Art review: Perfectly impractical

The Cybertruck of lenses, the Sigma 35mm F1.2 is about showing off as much as it is class-leading performance. It's bulky and heavy, but you won't find a better 35mm. Three aspherical elements, 11 aperture blades, and a weather-sealed build help this lens stand above the rest.
sigma fp review front logo dm 26

Sigma Fp review: A miniature marvel with a fatal flaw

The Fp is a new breed of mirrorless camera with best-in-class video features. However, it lacks a few key ingredients that will be red flags for still photographers, such as a viewfinder and, more importantly, a mechanical shutter.
Nikon Z 24mm f/1.8 lens mounted to Z 6 camera

Nikon Nikkor Z 24mm f/1.8 review: Wide, sharp, and spectacular

The Nikon Nikkor Z 24mm f/1.8 S is the widest prime lens for Nikon's mirrorless series. Paired with a wide aperture, it's just as sharp and bright as the other Z-series primes we've tested, making it a versatile option for both landscape and portrait photography.
nikon z50 review z 50 0101

Nikon Z 50 Review: The Instagrammer’s mirrorless camera

Can Nikon bring its DSLR prowess to a crop sensor mirrorless camera? The Nikon Z 50 is the company's smallest DX camera yet, and its first APS-C mirrorless. Sporting a 20-megapixel APS-C sensor and in-camera editing features, it's a camera for a new generation of photographers.
Canon EOS m200

Canon EOS M200 review: Learner’s permit

The Canon EOS M200 shoots mirrorless camera quality with smartphone simplicity. Its compact design and easy-to-use touchscreen make it the "real" camera you might actually bring with you. But is it the perfect camera for beginners, or too basic to stand up to the competition?
google pixel 3a review hands on feat

Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL review

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are Google’s latest phones, and their key selling point is that they bring the same exact software and camera experience from the Pixel 3 and 3 XL to a much lower price point -- $399 and $479, respectively. You also get great performance and battery life.
GoPro Hero8 Black Review

GoPro Hero8 Black review: The best gets better

The Hero8 Black is a solid step forward for GoPro thanks to a new design with an integrated mount, improved user interface, and even better image stabilization. Plus, a new mod system will open up additional creative storytelling tools that take the Hero8 Black beyond its role as an action camera.
skydio 2 drone review static

Skydio 2 review: A drone that’s almost impossible to crash

Skydio 2 is billed as the world's most advanced auto-follow drone, so to test that claim, I took it to the most densely-forested mountain bike trail I could find and had the drone chase me at high speeds. Things definitely didn't go as I expected them to.
sony a7r iv review product 2

Sony A7R IV hands-on review: 61 glorious megapixels

The headline-stealing feature of the new Sony A7R IV is its 61-megapixel full-frame sensor. But that's not the only reason to buy this camera. From better autofocus to improved controls, here's what we found in Sony's new flagship -- and there's plenty to be excited about.
kodak smile clasic review classic 9641

Kodak Smile Classic review: Large prints, buggy camera

Can't decide between picking up an instant camera, or a mobile photo printer? The Kodak Smile Classic is both. The Kodak Smile Classic is both, using a 16-megapixel sensor to shoot and print to Zink paper along with Bluetooth to connect to your phone.
DJI Mavic Mini review

DJI Mavic Mini review: A weekend with DJI’s affordable drone

DJI's Mavic Mini is the lightest and cheapest addition to the Mavic line -- but it's light weight and low price don't come without some compromises. It's also missing a few notable features that made previous iterations of the Mavic line so great
Sony A6600 front with flip screen raised in selfie position

Sony A6600 hands-on review: Small camera, big deal

The Sony A6600 is more evolution than revolution, offering a feature set that is largely unchanged since 2016's A6500. But improvements in key areas like battery life and autofocus do much to keep it fresh, and help Sony maintain an edge in APS-C mirrorless cameras.
Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III camera top, on table.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III review: Still the camera to buy

It isn't perfect, but thanks to its lightweight design and capable performance, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III is one of the best values in cameras today. From phone photographers looking for their first "real" camera to experienced enthusiasts who need good control in a compact body, it's hard to beat.
A GoPro Max on a tripod in the woods.

GoPro Max review: A smarter, easier-to-use 360 camera

360 still has some growing up to do, but the GoPro Max is a solid step forward for the format. While stitching and image quality don't take a giant leap forward, the Max offers a solid user experience and excellent mobile app.
Sony A6100 Camera Review

Sony A6100 review: A great camera under $1,000

The Sony A6100 is one of the best deals in cameras. Using the same sensor and Real-Time autofocus system as the $1,400 A6600, it's an absolute steal at just $750. While it's not the prettiest or most intuitive camera on the market, it makes up for it with class-leading performance.
hasselblad x1d ii 50c review dm 2

Hasselblad X1D II 50C review

The Hasselblad X1D II 50C is a refinement, rather than a reinvention, of the original. The most impressive new feature is the price. At $5,750, it is thousands less than the X1D-50C and pushes into full-frame territory. But it might fall short of wooing photographers to medium format.
Canon EOS M6 Mark II with EVF-DC2

Canon EOS M6 Mark II review: Do megapixels matter?

The M6 Mark II puts more power and pixels into Canon's compact EOS-M mirrorless line, but it fails to outshine the competition due to a lack of lenses and inferior low light performance. We love the improved Dual Pixel Autofocus and 14 fps continuous shooting speed, but there are better cameras.
canon eos 90d m6 mark ii set new bar 32mp aps c hands on 2

Canon EOS 90D review: Keeping the DSLR relevant

Mirrorless cameras tend to be faster, with better Live View autofocus -- but the Canon EOS 90D bucks the trend with an impressive 10 fps burst and Dual Pixel autofocus. While mirrorless cameras may be more advanced, there are a few reasons to eye this DSLR -- find out why in this Canon EOS 90D review.
fujifilm x a7 review dm 8 in hand

Fujifilm X-A7 hands-on review: A classic in a modern world

The Fujifilm X-A7 replaces the X-A5 and brings big improvements to the autofocus and video modes. It also seeks to appeal to the smartphone generation while holding onto the old-school vibe that Fujifilm is known for. This hasn't quite paid off, but it's still a great little mirrorless camera.