Delete tracking cookies from your system by following these quick steps

Cookies are useful when it comes to saving your login credentials and other data, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your browsing habits across multiple sites. Here's how to clear cookies in the major browsers.

You’ll never read Facebook’s new data policy, so we did it for you

You’re never going to read Facebook’s new data policy, so we did it for you. Not much has changed, but it reveals more information about how the social network tracks you across the internet.
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Be thankful for Marley Spoon’s new Martha Stewart cookies this holiday season

While November is almost over, the holidays (and cooking) are not, and Marley Spoon is here to help again with its first cookie-baking kit. With Martha's Holiday Cookie Kit, you'll bake four of Martha Stewart's cookie recipes.

How to clear your browsing history on your iPhone or Android device

As you browse the internet, websites will leave temporary internet files, as well as cookies, on your smartphone. Sometimes, you want to get rid of these files to clean up your browser's history. Here's how.
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What is Pinterest’s most popular Christmas cookie recipe? Finding one wasn’t easy

Pinterest doesn't let you filter pins by popularity, so we used Pinontop to try and find the most popular Christmas cookie on the site. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, but it did give us some great recipes.

Verizon customers can now opt out of privacy-invading tracking cookies

Finally offering subscribers the option of completely halting all tracking of Web usage and location data, Verizon has added an opt-out function that removes the subscriber's identifier code from the account.

Are cookies crumbling our privacy? We asked an expert to find out

Ever wondered about Internet cookies? We take a look at what cookies really are, and track their origin. In the wake of the EU cookie law, we also discuss their impact on our privacy, both real and imagined.

Safari users suit against Google moves forward in UK courts

A group of Internet privacy activists are claiming that Google bypassed their privacy settings in Safari through cookies that kept track of their Internet activity without their knowledge.

Google wants to reinvent the browser cookie – should you be thrilled or terrified?

Google reportedly has plans to launch a new advertising tracking technology known as AdID. The potential move has rattled the advertising industry. But who cares what they think? Here's what it could mean for you.

Firefox to start blocking third-party cookies by default, inevitably pissing off advertisers

It might not be the end all be all of online privacy issues, but a new default setting that will block cookies on a future Firefox release (version 22) might make some of you happy.
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Facebook slapped with $15 billion lawsuit for allegedly violating wiretap laws

Facebook has been accused of violating federal wiretap laws because of its use of "super cookies" that track users' Web activity. If the court rules against Facebook, many users in the U.S. could be awarded as much as $10,000 in damages.

Google being probed by US, EU regulators over Safari privacy gaffe

US and European regulators have launched investigations into Google's bypassing of Safari privacy settings to get "+1" buttons in to ads.
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Google’s privacy shift is March 1: Everything you need to know

Google's new all-encompassing privacy policy goes into effect March 1: now's your last change to think about the change (and maybe adjust your settings) if you're concerned about what Google tracks about you.

Mozilla’s Collusion plug-in aims to expose online tracking

Mozilla's new Collusion plug-in for Firefox aims to show how marketers and Web sites track visitors...and it's just landed support from the Ford Foundation.

Google tricked Apple’s Safari privacy settings, tracked users: report

Once again, Google has been accused of violating users' privacy by using a code that circumvented default privacy settings in Apple's Safari browser, for both iPhone and Mac, which are supposed to prevent the use of tracking cookies.
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Facebook accused of tracking users even after they delete accounts

Yet again, Facebook finds itself accused of installing cookies to follow its users - even after they've cut their ties with the social network.

Wireless companies ‘track your every move’

Evidence revealed in a German lawsuit against telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, owner of T-Mobile USA, shows that cellphone companies keep records of every move you make.

Controversial EU law bans unauthorized cookies

A new European Union law will require websites to ask for users' consent before installing cookies on their computers. Some say the law creates more problems than it solves.