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TikTok beware: Legacy tech owners can spell trouble for trendy sites

New ownership can be a death blow to popular apps and sites
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Fighting to stay relevant, Flickr overhauls its feed for more customization

It is now split into two columns, with more choices
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Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March

With SmugMug's acquisition of the photo-sharing site Flickr, the company announced that free users would be losing 1TB of storage, being limited to 1,000 photos. Soon, the company will begin deleting photos of users who are over the limit.

Market failure: Flickr is shutting down its photo-licensing platform Marketplace

Flickr sent out an email today notifying users of its photo licensing platform Marketplace that it is officially shutting down. Citing subpar experiences, Flickr will pay out any due royalties, but the service is no more.
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