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Tik Tok app

TikTok beware: Legacy tech owners can spell trouble for trendy sites

Some of the most popular platforms suffered massive devaluations, stagnation, or even death when big legacy companies purchased them.
flickr feed two column update new design 001

Fighting to stay relevant, Flickr overhauls its feed for more customization

iphone xr instagram

5 alternatives to Instagram and Facebook for photographers

flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Flickr hikes Pro subscription fee a month after pleading for more sign-ups

Where to download free stock photos and public domain images

flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Flickr cash shortage leads to plea for more paying members

Courtesy of Louise Docker via Flickr

Flickr now lets you order prints through its site in a few quick clicks

flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Back off, photo thieves: Flickr alerts photographers to image theft with Pixsy

flickr creative commons in memoriam 7564234982 1e38826055 o

Flickr axes Creative Commons limit to give free users more wiggle room

public domain images

Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March

flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Flickr’s free users with more than 1,000 photos need to make a decision

photography news oct 26 2018 ona passion passport bowery

Photography News: Flickr keeping Creative Commons photos, ONA gets colorful

flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Flickr just expanded Pro tools — but free users may have to delete some photos

If you have more than 1,000 photos on a free Flickr account, you might want to start determining which ones to delete now. Flickr announced several changes following an acquisition by SmugMug earlier this year, including more tools for Pro users, but limiting free account users to 1,000 images or videos.
photo fomo september 7 2018 missionworkshop integercamerapack 73

Photo FOMO: A tripod with literal strings attached, Flickr’s new look for albums

In this week's photo industry news, learn why wannabe wildlife photographers are being blamed for the death of a moose and how Flickr is revamping albums. Meet the strange tensioning system tripod launching on Kickstarter next week and a new waterproof backpack that's already available.
smugmug acquires flickr

SmugMug acquires Flickr from Yahoo, says ‘the future is bright’

Photo-sharing site SmugMug has acquired fellow photo-sharing site Flickr from Yahoo (Oath Inc.) for an undisclosed sum. Don't worry, though -- Flickr isn't going anywhere, and may even finally receive the resources it's long deserved.
flickr 2017 trends smartphone dslr growth 13996308  camera lenses photography theme background

Smartphones take half of the photos — but DSLRs are growing, Flickr says

Flickr's annual report for the most popular devices unsurprisingly go to the smartphone camera -- but DSLRs actually saw a jump this year too.
flickr shutters two services

Flickr will no longer allow you to print Wall Art or photo books

Pour one out for Flickr, friends. It's losing a couple of its features -- Wall Art and printing photo books.
flickr redesigns profiles 64568015 ml

Flickr gets more portfolio friendly with complete redesign of profile pages

Photographers using Flickr to display their work now have a new customization options with a new About page.
flickr 420 in 130 more countries

Flickr goes (more) international, adds versions for 130 countries, 10 languages

Flickr's mobile app is now available in more locations without the need for a desktop computer, as the latest app is now in 130 more stores.
flickr through her lens yuliya3

Flickr celebrates International Women’s Day from a female lens

Wednesday is International Women's Day, and Flickr is celebrating by featuring a collection of shots from female photographers.
flickr similarity search flickrsimilarsearch

Like that Flickr photo? Find similar shots with new AI-powered similarity search

Flickr users can be a bit more picky about their photo searches, thanks to a new AI-powered tool that brings up similar shots.
flickr turns 13 iphone app photo sharing

Break out the birthday candles, Flickr just became a teenager

The image-sharing platform Flick is now 13 years old, though the company's vivid history isn't without a few growing pains.
flickr 2016 report 27591124962 60fd2ccdb2 k

Flickr report: Smartphones dominate in quantity, but DSLRs reign in quality

Flickr's annual trend report shows 46 percent of uploads were from an Apple, yet the platform's top images were shot with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.
Benjamin Edelstein landscape photo 4

Flickr opens up its annual ‘Your Best Shot’ photo competition

Flickr is only a few days away from opening up submissions for its annual "Your Best Shot" photo competition for 2016.
flickr redesign responsive column notifications flickrii

Flickr revamp includes responsive redesign, updated notification system

Photo sharing network Flickr has released a redesign that includes a new responsive layout, an updated preview feature, and improved notifications.
flickr marketplace photo stock photography vr

Market failure: Flickr is shutting down its photo-licensing platform Marketplace

Flickr sent out an email today notifying users of its photo licensing platform Marketplace that it is officially shutting down.
flickr turns 13 iphone app photo sharing

Flickr’s Uploadr tool for cloud photo storage becomes Pro-only feature

flickr ios 9 3d touch ios9 extended

iPhone, Canon, Nikon top Flickr’s most popular cameras of 2015

Flickr's annual Year in Review report reveals several trends among Flickr users and the photos and videos that were uploaded in 2015. 
flickr ios 9 3d touch ios9 extended

Flickr app for iOS 9 adds 3D Touch, Spotlight search for faster navigation

Flickr's updated app for iOS 9 adds support for 3D Touch. With a press and hold on the screen, you can now pull up Quick Actions and easier photo scrolling.

Project Apollo Archive just released more than 8,000 images from NASA’s Apollo missions

The Project Apollo Archive, with assistance from NASA, last week released thousands of images from the agency's historic Apollo missions.
flickr virtual reality panorama shutterstock 271100504

Flickr will soon let you take gorgeous virtual tours of panoramic photos

Flickr will be improving its experience by adding support for virtual reality devices that'll let you view panorama photos in a radical 360-degree view.
welcome back flickr pro premium plan returns with improved analytics no ads signup page

Welcome back, Flickr Pro: Premium plan returns with improved analytics, no ads

filtered photos increase viewership engagement flick yahoo labs filters featured

Flickr research finds filtered photos increase viewership and engagement

A new study by Yahoo Labs shows that photographs that have been filtered seem to do better with people in both viewership and engagement.
flickr shutters two services

Canon and Apple top the Flickr charts for 2014