Felix Gray adds prescription lens option to its stylish computer glasses

Ever notice eye issues or headaches after staring at a screen for too long? The culprit is likely the blue light. Computer glasses can help, and Felix Gray wants to make them stylish to wear, even with a prescription.
Emerging Tech

‘Adversarial glasses’ can fool even state-of-the-art facial-recognition tech

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of North Carolina have developed 3D-printed glasses that are capable of fooling even cutting edge facial recognition systems.
Social Media

Snapchat reportedly left with hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles

Snapchat's cool new sunglasses are social media's latest craze. If you're an avid snapper, check out our guide to find out how they work, and how to get your hands on a pair. There may be plenty to go around.
Virtual Reality

Take your glasses to the next level with AR and Topology Eyewear

One day, we may be able to ditch fitting rooms altogether, but right now, there's at least an easier way to try on glasses. Meet Topology Eyewear, an AR app that will actually help you design customized glasses.
Emerging Tech

These new lenses give you superhuman sight, let you see colors with greater clarity

Metamers are colors which appear to be identical, but which actually possess different spectral compositions. A team of researchers have invented a pair of glasses that let us tell the difference.

Report: Apple has up to 1,000 engineers working on AR product for the iPhone

Apple may be planning to integrate augmented reality capabilities like object recognition and facial detection into the iPhone's camera app. It could roll out in the coming months.
Emerging Tech

Bye-bye to bifocals? These high-tech specs can automatically change focus

A team of researchers has developed a pair of specs with lenses that automatically focus, whether you're looking at something up close or far away. It's still a prototype, with the team keen to fit the kit into a more stylish frame.

Want to capture 360 video wherever you go? Wear these sunglasses

360 video is coming to wearables -- the Orbi Prime is a pair of sunglasses capable of recording 360 video using four built-in cameras. Previous camera glasses have had mixed results, but the Indiegogo campaign is already halfway to their…

Oakley and Intel’s Radar Pace offers a fresh take on tech eyewear

Released last week, the Radar Pace, using smart technology and an app, collects and analyzes personal performance data and delivers real-time feedback, instruction, and motivation based on performance.

These blue-light blocking glasses are made to help screen-addicted night owls sleep better

Can't stop looking at your phone, tablet, or computer at night? Is all that blue light emitted by the screen making you desperate for a decent night's sleep? You'll want these specially made glasses.

Carbonshade's new glasses block the blue light that hampers sleep

You can protect your eyes from blue light with Carbonshade's new eyewear, just launched on Kickstarter. These glasses feature stylish red lenses and are designed to be worn at night.

Smartphone eye testing kits could lead to personalized VR screens

EyeNetra, which develops eye testing kits for smartphones, believes that its technology could be used to create special prescription virtual reality screens for people with glasses.