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BlackBerry Hamburg shown off in new leak, could actually be called the Neon

BlackBerry isn't dead yet! The company may be readying two new Android smartphones for release later this year. Here's everything we know about the devices, what they look like, and what they can do.
Virtual Reality

Watch the Rio Olympic games in stunning VR, but only if you have the right headset

This year, you can experience the Olympics a little differently than you have in the past -- in virtual reality. NBC will be streaming certain events in VR, including track and field, volleyball, and others.

AT&T responds to T-Mobile Tuesdays with ‘Thanks’ rewards program

AT&T's Thanks rewards program is kicking off with a buy-one-get-one-free movie ticket deal, plus exclusive concert ticket presales in the fall. The carrier said additional, "surprise" benefits are on the way.

Samsung sets the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge free with unlocked versions in the U.S.

Samsung is bringing the unlocked variants of its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handset to the U.S. Both are on sale now from a number of retailers, and feature the same hardware and software as their locked counterparts.

New Google Fit app reminds you to finish that 3-mile jog you skipped yesterday

Google Fit 5.7 packs a number of noteworthy improvements, chief among them a new home screen that shows a daily summary of your activity. It packs a new Android Wear watchface, too, plus customizable fitness activity reminders.

Leaked Galaxy Note 7 image seemingly confirms presence of an iris scanner

Already looking to see what's up with the next Samsung Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Note 6 (or maybe the Note 7), including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.
Product Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung's glassed-up Galaxy S7 is now available unlocked in the U.S.

Thanks, Brexit: The OnePlus 3 might get a UK price hike

Thanks to the volatile British pound that resulted from Brexit, OnePlus announced it might increase the price of the OnePlus 3 in the U.K. OnePlus previously increased the OnePlus One's price in March 2015.

Google Maps for Android finally lets you set multiple destinations

Google Maps for desktop has long let you set multiple destinations for your trip, however it has been missing from Android so far. Not anymore! Now you can finally set multiple destinations to your trip in Google Maps for Android.

Would you buy a smartphone with baked in ads, if it meant a lower price?

Amazon is selling the new Moto G4 and Blu's R1 HD at a discount with ads on the lockscreen and pre-installed Amazon apps. It sets a dangerous precedent for unlocked phones, and we're worried other retailers will do the same.
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Google, Qualcomm bring Project Tango tech to Snapdragon processors

Thanks to help from Google, Qualcomm has adapted the search giant's Project Tango tech to much of its existing lineup of Snapdragon processors, including the the 600 and 800 series.

Fan-made website shows how powerful ‘OK Google’ really is

How many "OK Google" commands can you think of off the top of your head? Having some trouble? Check out this fan-made site, which offers an extensive list of OK Google commands and their variations, with more on the way.