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ZTE blows budget phones out of the water with the ZMax Pro, now at T-Mobile

ZTE's ZMax Pro is a real bargain at $100. It sports a 6-inch 1080p display, octa-core processor, and 3,400 mAh battery. Here's everything you need to know about the budget phone, which is bound for MetroPCS.

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which flagship is best? 1:17

The iPhone 7 is here, offering a number of huge improvements over the iPhone 6S. But how does it stack up against Samsung's lauded Galaxy S7? We put the two devices head to head to find out which offers the better hardware and…

Google can't keep up with Pixel and Pixel XL orders, expect shipment delays

If you have experienced a shipment delay for your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, the company confirmed that is the case due to higher-than-expected pre-orders. As a result, shipments have been delayed.

Google Messenger 2.0 brings unread message badges — on certain Android devices

Google has updated Messenger to version 2.0, bringing a number of visual tweaks as well as unread message badges. On top of that, the new app features a new Contacts page, making it far easier to create group messages.

Google Express now delivers to nearly 90 percent of the continental U.S.

Google's eponymous shopping service, Google Express, now delivers to almost 90 percent of the continental U.S. Its latest expansion includes Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states.

BlackBerry's DTEK60 is a security-focused smartphone for businesses, govenment

BlackBerry has announced the DTEK60, a high-end alternative to the company's DTEK50. It features the company's suite of proprietary security apps and end-to-end encryption software.

Apple may be further along with iMessage for Android than previously thought

It seems as though the rumors that Apple is developing an iMessage for Android aren't dead yet. In fact, the company may have even made mockups of the app for Android, according to recent reports.

WhatsApp is finally getting video calling — but only for Android device owners

It looks like WhatsApp is finally getting video calling -- the feature has been made available to a number of Android users using the beta version. It's likely a stable version of the feature, and the feature on iOS, will come soon.

Nomad makes cables more useful, fits an extended battery pack to a really strong one

Accessory manufacturer Nomad's new Battery Cable fits a sleek, inline battery pack to a super tough iPhone charging cable, so you'll never be without either option in a phone-power emergency.

LG may help Samsung avoid an explosive Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is outselling the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus. With that feat under its belt, it's time to shift focus to next year's flagship -- the Galaxy S8. Here's everything you need to know.
Virtual Reality

No, it’s not PlayStation VR, it’s Xiaomi’s new Mi VR headset

Xiaomi has launched its second virtual reality headset, the Mi VR. This time it's works more like Samsung's Gear VR than Google Cardboard, but has a design that's closer to Sony's PlayStation VR headset.

The insane looking Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is almost all screen

Don't glance at the Mi Mix and think it's nothing more than a concept phone. It's real, in production, and coming next month. Xiaomi has made the first edgeless smartphone with a screen-to-body ratio of 91 percent, and it looks spectacular.