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Top 5 best iPhone games you need to play this week

It's always a challenge to find the best iPhone games, given the sheer amount of choice available, so to help you discover the best iPhone games, we've put together a handy list.


No need to search, here are the 5 smartphone apps you should download this week

It's more difficult than ever to seek out the best new apps released each week, even if you have the will to trawl through the app store on a regular basis. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorite app picks together in a handy list.


Weekly Rewind: Reddit, Uber, and Neil Young get dramatic

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


The days of the 16GB iPhone could be numbered

Could 2015 finally be the year when Apple ditches the 16GB option on the iPhone? Fresh supply chain rumors say the next batch of Apple handsets are going to start at 32GB and go up to 128GB.


Why buy a new Mac, when you can buy refurbished?

Because refurbished Apple products cannot be sold at MSRP, they are typically sold at a discount. How much money you save depends on the product, what went wrong, and availability -- but refurbished models are often a great deal.


Time to juice up! This battery pack always knows how much power it has left

The usual line of LEDs on an extended battery pack that tell us how much of a charge remains, aren’t very helpful. The Power Tube 3000 Lightning has a Bluetooth Smart connection…

  • Pros: Connects using Bluetooth Smart , Precise charge measurements…
  • Cons: App isn’t pretty , Alerts don’t override phone mute , 1A…

How to factory reset an iPhone (any generation)

Learn how to factory reset your iPhone with or without using iTunes, no matter what generation it is.


Blue Apron launches a tasty iOS app for home-cooked meals

Blue Apron, the New York-based startup that delivers recipes and fresh ingredients for home-cooked meals on a weekly basis, announced on Wednesday that it has launched a mobile app for iOS.


More colors, more storage, and more Apple Music for newly refreshed iPod Touch

Apple has revamped the iPod Touch with a 64-bit A8 processor, a new camera, and fun color options. A 128GB version is also new. The iPod Shuffle and Nano were not upgraded, except in color. The new iPods all have Apple Music onboard, though.


Get the most out of your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with these accessories

With an updated processor and larger screen, the iPhone 6 is bigger and better than any Apple smartphone before it. Check out some of our favorite accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, whether you're in the market for top-notch sound or a simple car mount.


Custom fit: How to specify who you ‘See First’ in your Facebook feed

Facebook's latest feature, "See First," lets you prioritize posts from specified people and pages. Check out our simple guide on how to implement the feature using your iOS device.

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Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market seen in profits more than sales

The modern day monopoly isn't found in steel or railroads, but rather in smartphones. While Steve Job's Apple empire may only comprise 20 percent of smartphone sales, it also boasts a stunning 92 percent of profits across the industry.


Ikea’s wireless charging furniture is like living in the future ... almost

Ikea wants its wireless charging furniture, including its lamp and charging pad, to be uber functional and easy to use. It succeeds -- but not without a few drawbacks.

  • Pros: Unique , Easy to use , Convenient
  • Cons: Charges slowly, heats phone a fair bit , Poorly designed…

The top 5 iOS games you need to check out this month

Finding good iOS games can take way too much time. Our resident gamer Joshua Smith luckily has you covered this July in this speedy rundown of the five latest favorites he's been playing. See gameplay, hear tips and so much more in this new episode of Game…