Leaked retailer image could be our first look at the Nvidia GTX 1060

Looking very much like its big brothers, the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, a supposed GTX 1060 image has appeared online, showing the card that could be Nvidia's most competitive piece of kit this generation.

Queen Victoria will make England great again in ‘Civilization VI’

Following Elizabeth I's reign in Civ V, Queen Victoria will lead England in Civilization VI, with special abilities and unique units that allow the British empire to span across multiple continents as a martial and cultural force.

Hacker puts healthcare records up for sale after sources refuse to pay ransom

A hacker is selling healthcare records for hundreds of thousands of patients on the dark web, including sensitive information like physical addresses and social security numbers.

70-inch Dell touchscreen is at home in conference rooms, classrooms

The Dell C7016T 70-inch conference room or classroom touchscreen monitor supports several people working at the display with its 10-point touch capability and 176-degree viewing angle.

Russian bill could force ISPs to store six months of content and metadata

A bill that just passed the Russian State Duma, the lower house of the legislature there, could force ISPs to store a staggering amount of data. Experts say it's not technically possible for them to comply with the law.

Asus Flip Chromebook successor could boast Skylake CPU

A system codenamed "Cave" that is referenced in the source code of Google's Chromium is thought to refer to a successor to the Asus Flip Chromebook that was released just last year.

Microsoft thinks gesture controls could be the best input medium for VR

Microsoft wants to put more than just hand-tracked controllers in games, it wants to put your whole hand in, by pioneering new short and long-range distance tracking of fingers and thumbs.
Android Army

Parking and traffic problems could soon be alleviated with Sidewalk Labs' Flow

Flow is a tool built by Sidewalk Labs, a startup owned by Alphabet, Inc. Documents show that Sidewalk Labs has proposed the smart city tool to the city of Columbus, Ohio, to better direct its traffic and parking.

Access your account with the snap of a photo thanks to LogMeOnce’s PhotoLogin

Securely logging in to an account shouldn't be hard. To make logging in easier, LogMeOnce has introduced PhotoLogin, which can help you access your account by taking a photo, which is authorized through your smartphone.
Product Review

Huawei Matebook Review

Want fries with that? Huawei's first PC looks cheap, until you add extras.

Small town library leads freedom of internet browsing charge

Despite concerns by local police and Homeland Security, the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire allows masked internet use. The Tor browser is installed and accessible to all on four computers allowing complete anonymity.
Virtual Reality

Compute from the beach (or Mars) with Space, a VR office environment

Get ready to write up that report on the beach, or in space, or wherever you fancy, as the office of the future could well be virtual. Pygmal's 'Space' software lets you open up as many virtual displays as you want in virtual reality.