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Google gets FCC approval for Nexus Player, preorders likely to reopen

Forced to halt all preorders of the Nexus Player on Saturday, Google will now be able to take orders of the set-top box once again after receiving approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

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This copper-clad cone-shaped speaker learns what music you like and streams it via Wi-Fi

The Aether Cone speaker is a Wi-Fi and AirPlay enabled speaker unlike anything we've evaluated before. In our hands-on video we explain how it's different.

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Panasonic makes one of the best TVs of the year, but you still can’t buy it yet

Panasonic showed its flagship 4K television, the AX900U, in the US for the first time at the Luxury Electronics Show in Beverly Hills. We went eyes-on with the TV and show it off in this video, where we discuss our first impressions.

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This soundbar beams audio off your walls for convincing surround sound

At the entry point of Yamaha’s top-tier, the YSP-2500 sound projector earns its lofty price-point with a wealth of features, ample detail, and a vivid expanse of virtual surround…

  • Pros: Convincing virtual surround sound , Firm and powerful bass…
  • Cons: Virtual surround may not be effective in all environments…

7 things Google’s Nexus Player must do to rule the living room

Thanks to the massive failure of Google TV, some think it may be too late for Android TV and the Nexus Player to join the party. Here's nine things the Nexus Player must just to get a stab at success.

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From HBO to CBS, the dream of a la carte TV is coming true one stream at a time

HBO’s plans to break out as a stand alone online service next year have set the board for an all out streaming bonanza, with new online content and services seeming to surface every day. Follow us as we look at what’s here, what’s coming, and what it all…

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In the wake of Google’s Nexus Player, new FCC filing proves Chromecast isn’t going away

A new filing shows Google is still looking to the future for the Chromecast, even as it rolls out a new vessel for its Android TV operating system, the Nexus Player.

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The IT Crowd gets another remake on NBC

The It Crowd was a huge hit in the UK, but an earlier U.S. remake failed miserably. Now, NBC is working on a second remake of the series.

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What’d he just say? Polk’s new MagniFi sound bar aims for crystal clear dialog

Polk Audio adds a new piece to its extensive audio arsenal with the sleek and curvy MagniFi sound bar, which adds extra emphasis on the center channel to clear up the confusion in the cloudiest dialog.

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Apple’s Oct. 16 iPad and Mac event is over — Thanks for joining our live chat!

Here are our detailed instructions on how to view Apple's live feed, and if you want to have some fun, join our chatroom for the event and chat with DT staff.


CBS follows HBO’s lead with ‘All Access’ streaming for $6 a month

Want to watch CBS shows without cable or an antenna? The network's All Access streaming service will offer thousands of network shows, old and new seasons, as well as live TV in 14 markets, for a monthly subscription fee of $6.

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Netflix claims it can ‘coexist’ with HBO in streaming, investors aren’t convinced

On the same day that HBO announced its plans to move away from cable and satellite to an online only subscription model, Netflix's announcement of lower than expected added subscribers sends the stock into free fall.

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How you doin’? All 10 seasons of ‘Friends’ land on Netflix January 2015

Netflix brings back the '90s, as the service announces it has acquired the full catalog of Friends. All 10 seasons of the show will be available for streaming on the service starting January 1, 2015.

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