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Showtime viewers can get their hands on ‘Billions’ season premiere nine days early

Showtime's drama series Billions will debut on the premium cable channel February 19, but will be available to stream on February 10. Showtime similarly made Homeland's season premiere available to stream early.
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The Fast and the Furious franchise takes to the road with a live arena show

With The Fate of the Furious movie headed to theaters later this year, Universal Pictures is bringing the Fast and the Furious from the screen to arenas around the world in a live, touring show.
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Netflix making the "Venn diagram of TV" with new shared profile feature

Netflix's vice president of product innovation Todd Yellin explained during Netflix's live-streamed event that the streaming service is testing a feature that allows two people to share a profile based on their shared tastes.
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Science and fun an explosive combination in Bill Nye's new Netflix series

Bill Nye the Science Guy is back in a new talk show that will debut on Netflix on April 21, and will tackle some of the biggest scientific issues impacting society and pop culture today, dispel myths, and include some fun.
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'Fate of the Furious' shifts into high gear with supercharged Super Bowl trailer

The Fast and the Furious franchise continues with the upcoming film The Fate of the Furious, which is set to hit theaters in April 2017. Here's everything we know about the eighth installment of the high-octane blockbuster series.
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Fifth and final season of sci-fi series ‘Orphan Black’ will premiere this June

Orphan Black fans finally have a premiere date for the fifth and final season, when they'll finally get to see what happens with the Neolution clones, and get some closure to the story.
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Here’s your first look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in the ‘Tomb Raider’ reboot

A set of photos from the South African set of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot movie offer the first look at Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, the heroine of the movie franchise and Tomb Raider games.

Floor plans of 'Parks and Rec' and other TV offices are absolutely adorable

Beyond looking adorable, these digital floor plans of some of our favorite TV shows really make us wish there was some sort of game based on them. Perhaps a sim experience in which you deal with the everyday quirks of these offices?
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Nashville to get fully immersive, indoor replica of a 1960s drive-in cinema

Here's nostalgia with a dose of modernism -- a drive-in movie theater in which you (pretend to) drive ... indoors. Meet the August Moon Drive-In, a new moviegoing experience that recreates the past while embracing the future.
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‘Split’ scares off ‘Rings’ to win the box office for the third week in a row

Supernatural horror sequel Rings was bested by M. Night Shyamalan's multiple-personality thriller Split this week at the box office, with the latter film cruising to its third winning weekend.
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'Baywatch,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' and 'Logan' among this year's Super Bowl movie trailers

Get an early look at all of the movie trailers and sneak peeks set to debut during Super Bowl LI, including previews of Transformers: The Last Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, and other highly anticipated movies.
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50 Nerds of Grey is the '50 Shades' parody that we all deserve

If steamy romance doesn't really get you going, then perhaps you'll be entertained instead by the tech-centric parody that EL James' hit novel has spawned. Meet @50NerdsOfGrey, a Twitter account.