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Japan has launched a space junk collector

There's a lot of junk in space, and now, there's a junk collector. Japan has sent a cargo ship to the International Space Station that has a "space junk" collector made in conjunction with a fishnet company.

The genesis behind the Moog of the late Greg Lake's 'Lucky Man'

The big Emerson, Lake & Palmer hit "Lucky Man" was almost left without its famous Moog solo. Keith Emerson wanted to have another go at it, but Greg Lake loved it just the way it was.

Spotify no longer purchasing SoundCloud to add to its streaming library

The world's leading paid music service, Spotify, is no longer in "advanced talks" to purchase popular emerging music platform, SoundCloud, which currently boasts nearly 175 million monthly users.

Nightmare at 20,000 feet: You may be seated next to a Chatty Cathy on the phone

If a new proposal from federal regulators passes, you'll be able to chat to your friends around the world from thousands of feet in the air. It's already drawing mixed reactions from the crowd.
Product Review

Vizio M-Series 4K TV Review

Go ahead, try to find a better TV for your buck. Vizio's M series has it beat.

Russia helped Trump win, says CIA

The drama of an already contentious election has now reached new heights. On Friday, the CIA determined that Russian influenced the 2016 election in favor of President-elect Donald Trump.

Don’t pay $10 a month for Microsoft Office! Here are the best free alternatives 2:08

Looking for a competent word processor that isn't Microsoft Word? Check out five of our favorite alternatives, whether you're looking for a barebones piece of software, or one that touts the latest-and-greatest features.

Amid regulatory pressure, Airbnb lays out what it's willing to compromise on

Airbnb unveiled its Policy Tool Chest, a pair of lists that highlight what the company is and is not willing to compromise on. The lists are mostly there to use when speaking to local governments.

Court: Apple must replace Danish man's iPhone with a new, not refurbished, model

A Danish court concluded that Apple must replace a resident's iPhone 4 with a new device, rather than a refurbished one. The case brings to light how "new" and "refurbished" are defined.

This multitool ensures you'll never go hungry while camping

The Muncher multitool features a spork, knife, can opener, bottle opener, and six other tools in one compact and rugged device. Made from aircraft-grade titanium, it is rugged enough for the campsite, backyard, or anywhere else you go.
Cool Tech

How do you build a jetpack anyone can fly? Make it smarter

We got a sneak peek at JetPack Aviation's new JB-10 jetpack, and after watching creator David Mayman fly it around, we're totally convinced that jetpacks will be as common as Ferraris in the future
Social Media

Facebook can’t get ad metrics right, reveals more measurement errors

Facebook has revealed yet more errors in regards to its ad metrics calculations. The latest set of miscalculations marks the third time in three months the company has admitted to getting its analytics wrong.