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Tom Cruise and 'Jack Reacher' are no match for 'A Madea Halloween'

Tom Cruise and the sequel to 'Jack Reacher' were no match for Tyler Perry's holiday-themed comedy 'Boo! A Madea Halloween,' which won the weekend with an impressive $27.6 million debut.

Another Samsung device just caught on fire — this time, the Galaxy S7 Edge

If you thought you were finished hearing about Samsung and their spontaneously combusting devices, think again. It's not just the Galaxy Note 7 that's presenting a problem -- it's now the Galaxy S7 Edge, too.
Cool Tech

Supply ship successfully arrives at International Space Station

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft, developed by Orbital ATK Inc., was captured by the ISS’ robotic arm at 7:28 a.m. EDT (1128 GMT) today. The ship carried materials for science experiments and other supplies for the crew.

The award-winning rEvolve tiny home has a roof deck, solar, room for your dog

At the first Tiny House Competition, an entry from Santa Clara University called the rEvolve House took home the honor of being the best overall design, along with eight other awards including "Best Integrated Lighting."

The first Apple HomeKit compatible garage door opener is coming soon

Connect the Nold Open to any garage or gate opener for shareable control by smartphone app. An Apple HomeKit compatible version using Siri is coming soon, according to the Indiegogo campaign.
Social Media

Facebook has re-approved a breast cancer awareness ad after initially blocking it for its content

A few days after Swedish cancer charity Cancerfonden posted an informational ad titled “Get to know your breasts” which featured pink cartoon circles to symbolize breasts, the social network removed the post.

Huawei’s flagship has a big brother, and a big price tag

A new leak from Venturebeat reveals the Mate 9 -- codenamed “Manhattan” -- will have a big brother, aptly codenamed “Long Island,” which will be released as the Mate 9 Pro. The device comes with a curved screen.

Robots are most likely to take the jobs of those who least expect it

In a situation of cruel irony, those most in jeopardy of losing their jobs to robots are in the greatest denial it will happen. People without college degrees are least likely to think their jobs are at risk from automation.
Virtual Reality

NASA astronauts have already been to Mars – in VR

NASA is benefitting from the billions of dollars technology giants are investing in virtual reality and augmented reality systems, like Microsoft HoloLens and PlayStation VR. That same technology is being used in space today, as well as…

Expert voices chime in on how will autonomous cars change cities

Self-driving cars are coming, no question. How they will change cities and towns remains to be seen. Urban planners and designers offer their thoughts. Most say cities will be less congested and less polluted unless the cost savings are too…

If you only need basic Microsoft Office features, you can get a limited version for free.

Microsoft Office can be expensive, but unless you are a power user, you only need some features from the full Office suite. There are ways to use Office for free, but it can be tricky.

Do not speak ill of the dead in Thailand, where Google is helping remove content

Thai officials have met with representatives from Google in order to remove offensive content from the web. And as Reuters reports, "Google affirmed in the meeting that it would continue to help the government remove content from YouTube."