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We went to Kanye’s insane live album release in NYC and here’s what happened

Kanye West and Adidas commandeered Madison Square Garden to showcase the rapper's new apparel line and new album, The Life of Pablo. With tens of thousands of fans, the Kardashian family and dozens of other celebrities, Kanye owned the…
Movies & TV

AMC's new talk show Talking Saul to pour over Better Call Saul's premiere

Talking Saul, a new talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick will take after Talking Bad and Talking Dead, all of which pour over the details of popular AMC shows. Talking Saul will air after the premiere episode and finale Better Call Saul's new…

Vü Pulse adds heart-rate monitoring and wireless charging to your Pebble watch

The Vü Pulse by Tylt adds heart-rate monitoring capability to Pebble watches. The physical add-on snaps to the back of the watch, and also doubles as a wireless charger for your smartwatch.

Apple Maps vans working overtime to ‘improve Apple Maps’

Apple is planning improvements for its Maps app, and has been putting its fleet of data-collecting vans on the street at all hours. The company states that it will be driving vehicles around the world to collect data in order to improve the…
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Best LED Flashlights

LED flashlights and headlamps may excel in terms of longevity and overall brightness, but they knowing which is the best isn't always easy. Check out 10 of our favorite models, from the likes of MagLite, Dorcy, Princeton Tec, and more.

From bioluminescent dresses to emoji pins, Intel struts its stuff at Fashion Week

“Tech and fashion are really at the heart of modern culture,” says Intel VP Sandra Lopez. At an event at New York Fashion week, she and her team set out to showcase what’s possible when fashion and tech collide.
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Sacha Baron Cohen shocks Jimmy Kimmel audience with movie clip you can’t watch

A reportedly extremely graphic clip from the upcoming comedy The Brothers Grimsby was shown to live audience members at Jimmy Kimmel Live audience, but viewers at home could only watch their reactions.

AMD confusingly reveals minimum CPU specs for Oculus Rift

While Nvidia has largely been focused on the graphics processing requirements for Virtual Reality, AMD has revealed -- in perhaps the most confusing and jumbled way possible -- its minimum CPU specifications for Oculus Rift.
Movies & TV

Apple's first TV series to star Dre, include orgy scene

Apple will be debuting its first original scripted series called Vital Signs. The show will star Dr. Dre, and will include six, half-hour episodes that are semi-autobiographical about the rapper, actor, and entrepreneur.

Hideo Kojima has his own YouTube show and its called ‘HideoTube’

Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima discussed his top 10 films of 2015 on HideoTube, the first episode of his new web series, which was posted from Kojima Productions' YouTube channel Thursday.

Gamers care less for competitive play as they get older, study shows

Analytics firm Quantic Foundry has data suggesting that gamers are less interested in playing competitive games as they get older.

Zzzzap: This LED bulb also houses a bug zapper, but will it work on mosquitoes?

Most bug zappers are large and unsightly, so ZappLight hid one inside a regular LED bulb. You don't have to do any special installation; just screw it in and let the bugs get fried.