How to shoot and edit the best slow-motion video you’ve ever made

One way that you can take your slow-motion video skills to the next level is by introducing controlled motion into the shot. Expert Caleb Pike shows how to shoot and edit it, and it's so much simpler than you think.
Cool Tech

DJI unveils real-time wildfire geofencing tech for drones

DJI has teamed up with AirMap to introduce some exciting new live geofencing update functionality for its drones, which will now get live wildfire updates from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

An inspiring look inside the life of a Tokyo street photographer

SmugMug films give an inside look at the inspiring photography work of Tokyo street photographer Dave Powell. A Google Director by day, a street photographer by night, he both captures and inspires the world one shot at a time.

Prisma turned a time-lapse video of China into a beautiful animated movie

Over 2,500 images and 80 hours of post-production work went into creating this gorgeous time-lapse animation of China. Each frame was captured individually in Prisma, the hot new app for iOS that uses AI to redraw images in an artistic…
Cool Tech

Disney Research develops method to capture 3D facial performances with a single camera

Disney Research has devised a method to render an actor's facial performance in 3D with a single camera. The simplified technique, which could benefit future movies and video games, works with virtually any camera, including an iPhone.

Affinity Photo's upcoming version 1.5 could give Photoshop a run for its money

Serif has announced its next update for Affinity Photo will include a plethora of new features, including HDR merge, focus stacking, 360-degree photo editing, batch editing, macros and more.

Digital upgrade, LEDs make AlienBee flash units more efficient

One of the most popular off-camera flashes is back with some pretty big changes -- and considering the brand, they're rather affordable, too. The DigiBees feature LEDs and digital displays, and measure at half the size of AlienBees.

The Moto Z Force Droid surprises with one of the top image testing scores from DxO

The camera on the Moto Z Force isn't a hyped up promise that falls flat, according to DxOMark anyways. The image testing company says the Z Force is in the top three for smartphone cameras on the market right now.

Facing pressure from Reddit, Imgur unveils biggest site overhaul since 2012

A core process, probably the core process to image-hosting service Imgur, has got to be the image upload feature -- and it just got a major overhaul that takes it from five steps to just two.
Virtual Reality

Scrubbed, sanitized, and live in 360: Watch first real-time VR broadcast of a surgery

360 cameras are expected to shoot everything from the Olympics to the conventions -- and now a surgery will be broadcast live to the public. Believed to be the first surgery to be broadcast publicly using such tech, the procedure…

Case Remote Air puts big-time camera control in a small package

The Case Remote Air is proving that great things really do come in small packages. It claims to be the world’s most compact and powerful wireless camera controller, at just 2.4 inches long and a weight of only 50 grams.
Cool Tech

There is now a flying surveillance drone for … your home

Cardinal Robotics has developed a new drone designed to keep an eye on your home both while you're inside and while you're away. It weighs under two pounds and contains a 14-megapixel camera capable of shooting full 1080p video.