Due to high demand, Fujifilm's medium format mirrorless is seeing a delay

Due to high demand, the Fujifilm GFX 50S will be delayed for another month -- but there will be free tethering software for the highly anticipated mirrorless camera. Fujifilm expects the delay to be cleared up by the end of March.
Product Review

Nikon D5 Review

Nikon’s new flagship lets you see in the dark, for a price.

4K, meet MK: Fujifilm launches lenses for video with 'outstanding cost performance'

While pricing hasn't yet been released, Fujifilm says the new MK cinema lenses offer unparalleled cost performance. The first 18-55mm will launch next month, with a 50-135mm this summer.
Cool Tech

AI photography studio highlights how robots are slowly hijacking nearly every profession

StyleShoots Live is a “smart studio” that captures still photos and live action videos, taking care of all the technical tasks — from lighting to setting up shots — and using algorithms to edit videos in a matter of minutes.
Social Media

You can finally buy Snapchat Spectacles! Here’s what they are, and how to find ’em

Snapchat's cool new sunglasses are social media's latest craze. If you're an avid snapper, check out our guide to find out how they work, and how to get your hands on a pair.

This camera that sees in real time could mean safer driverless cars and drones

Driverless cars can only react as quickly as the camera sees potential collisions. The Celex "sees" in real time by only analyzing the differences from the last frame on a pixel level.

BenQ America’s 27-inch desktop monitor is built for video post-production work

BenQ America made its PV270 27-inch desktop monitor for video post-production available to purchase for a hefty price. It comes with a hood for blocking out the surrounding light and Technicolor certification for color accuracy.

At 11mm, this wide-angle lens is designed to eliminate barrel distortion

A new lens company launched by both photographers and engineers claims its 11mm lens has almost no distortion. The Irix 11mm f/4 will be available in three different full-frame mounts.

Edit. Share. Repeat. PicsArt adds new chat feature to encourage remixing photos

The makers of popular photo-editing app PicsArt think images in chats shouldn't disappear -- they should be free for friends to re-edit and send back. The app has launched a new chat feature encouraging users to share and remix images.

Sigma’s 4 new lenses includes world’s first ultra-wide-angle 14mm f/1.8 lens

Sigma is maintaining its momentum as a premium lens manufacturer with three new Art models, including a world-first 14mm f/1.8. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but the Art series is known for its excellent value.

There's a hidden iPhone camera mode that puts a magnifying glass in your pocket

iPhone cameras can double as magnifying glasses -- if you know how to access the hidden camera mode introduced with iOS 10. Just one setting change and three taps brings up the feature.

$2,600 shades of gray: Modified Fujifilm designed to shoot better black and whites

These modified monochrome-only Fujifilms may be cheaper than the Leica Monochrome M, but they're also more expensive then their updated color siblings. How much is a better black and white worth?