Thailand’s controversial new cybercrime law is drawing a response from hackers

Hackers have carried out DDOS attacks on several Thai government websites in a bid to draw awareness to a new cybercrime law that gives authorities massive overreach into citizens’ communications and privacy.
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Emboldened by election results, Secret app is coming back

Co-founder David Byttow said “Secret V2 is coming. It’s too important not to exist.” He explained the the downsides of current social media products and that they must be addressed immediately.

Be polite or be labeled as rude on Candid, a new anonymous social network

On Thursday, yet another anonymous social network launched on both the iOS and Android app stores, but this one comes with a twist -- on Candid, you have to be nice. That's because content is curated and moderated by AI.
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Hackers flood ISIS supporters’ Twitter accounts with Pride

As a direct response to the recent attacks in Orlando, the hacker collective Anonymous is actively targeting Twitter accounts that support ISIS. They replace ISIS flags with rainbows, and profile pictures with gay couples. In other words…

Here's how Anonymous hacking group members act out a political flame war

Hacker group Anonymous is claiming that tensions among their members relating to the presidential election are tied to a government plot to divide and conquer.

Hackers attack KKK and briefly bring down main website

Hackers associated with Ghost Squad and the Anonymous collective succeeded in launching a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the official Ku Klux Klan website.
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Anonymous plans to exonerate subject of Making a Murderer doc with new evidence

Hacker group Anonymous says it will release critical information in the Steven Avery case, the focus of new Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, through documents and phone records between police officers involved.

Anonymous is behind those massive cyberattacks in Turkey

It isn't just ISIS that Anonymous has declared war against -- it's all its friends as well. The hacktivist group has claimed responsibility for the series of cyberattacks that have taken some 400,000 websites offline in Turkey.

Japan won’t stop whaling, so Anonymous hacked the Japanese Prime Minister

The attack occurred after Japan sent two whalers forth on a supposedly scientific mission to the Antarctic last week. Japan agreed to an international moratorium on commercial whaling thirty years ago, but continues to hunt whales under the…

Anonymous wants you to troll ISIS on December 11

Online hacker collective Anonymous has called December 11 "ISIS Trolling Day," and it wants you to join in. Efforts to troll ISIS will take place online through social media, and in real life at a series of planned demonstrations.

Anonymous hacks ISIS site, replaces it with Viagra ad

On Thursday, the Ghost Sec, a hacking group related to Anonymous, gained control of a website supporting the Islamic State, and replaced it with a Viagra advertisement. Anonymous has pledged retribution against the terrorist group for the…

Anonymous launches ‘biggest operation ever’ against Islamic State

Hacktivist group Anonymous has posted a new video condemning the recent ISIS terror attacks in Paris, and stating that it'll continue its own war against the extremist group, which began in earnest earlier this year.