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Facebook’s Zuckerberg sets up big meeting over news feed flap 2:30

Facebook says that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be meeting this week with about a dozen conservative figures to talk about the news feed content situation. Plus, Starbreeze VR system gets boost from Acer pact, Google wants you in…
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Samsung Gear S2 review, nonword of the year, Google + reskin: DT Daily 1:41

Samsung's new Gear S2 watch is undeniably cool, but... you should check out our review. Also: Google reskins and simplifies Google Plus, and the Word of the Year isn't a word at all.
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Google determined to save Google+, gives it another makeover

Any reports of Google+'s death have clearly been greatly exaggerated, as the Web giant has just rolled out a revamped version of its social network that focuses on two of its more popular features.
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New study suggests Google Plus’ active usage may be much lower

Google won't come out and say it, but its Google Plus social site is not doing too well. A new study reveals that not even 1 percent of all Google users is actually using Google Plus.
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Is Google+ being slowly sunsetted? Mandatory Gmail integration gets removed

Definitely a shift away from promoting Google+ usage, the search company has removed the mandatory requirement of setting up a new Google+ account when signing up for a Gmail account.
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New research breaks down how the social Web is changing news

A new survey provides insight about how Americans use the social web to consume news - these are the breakout bit and pieces you'll want to know.

YouTube’s commenter uproar proves Google’s crystal ball is broken

Google's integration of Google+ with YouTube comments has users grabbing their pitchforks. Give its wealth of data, how did Google get this so wrong? And since it did – should we be worried?
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Even YouTube’s co-founder hates the new Google+ commenting integration

Like many other people, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim is not too happy about the new Google+ comment integration feature. The feature was initially announced by Google, which owns YouTube, back in September.
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The 13 most typical YouTube comments responding to the new YouTube comments

It doesn't get much more meta than this: YouTube wants to clean up its comment section, and these were some of the comments it got in return. They are exactly what you'd expect them to be.
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Report: Google+ user numbers tell an incomplete story

Google+ released an update and positive news about user activity, but Google may be overstating the service's popularity.

Sorry, ‘expectations of privacy’ are lower online, and you should know this by now

What do Google Plus user outrage over Shared Endorsement ads and Reddit's Silk Road community have in common? A misunderstanding of just how public the Web really is – and has been for years.

Google Hangouts app review: A step forward for video chat… with some drawbacks

Google Hangouts once lived in Google+, but it's broken out into its own stand alone app. It has tons of potential as a go-to choice for all forms of communication, but at the moment it doesn't live up to what it could eventually be.