10 Google Maps tips and tricks to get you from point A to B, or even add a C

Google Maps can do a lot more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks, from adding pit stops to road trips, to the one-handed nav trick you won't believe you didn't know.

Swap bands in a flash with Google’s Mode for Android Wear

Google is out with new bands for Android Wear watches. The bands, from Hadley Roma, use a snap-and-go technology that make switching them easy and quick. Right now, there are options for genuine Italian leather and silicone bands.

Gmail for Android now supports Exchange accounts for everyone

Now, adding Microsoft Exchange accounts in Gmail is no longer restricted to a handful of devices. Google has enabled support for all Android devices. The update is still rolling out in phases, so it may be a while until you can download it…

China’s Baidu, Changan enter the autonomous vehicle fray

The race towards driverless technology is now seriously burning up the pavement. The international competition is on like never before as China pursues the development of its very own autonomous vehicles.

Open-source code leaks indicate arrival of Google Play Store on Chromebooks

References to Android apps that were found in Chromium code over the weekend adds new weight to speculation that Chromebooks will soon be able to download apps from the Google Play Store.
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Google has a plan to stop its top talent jumping ship

Google is thought to be planning the launch of an in-house startup incubator to encourage employees to develop their ideas within the company. The scheme would allow workers to pitch their ideas, receive funding, and even work full-time on…

USB’s latest change is the long-overdue solution to preventable disaster

Last week, the USB Implementers Forum issued an authentication specification for USB Type-C. While appreciated, this is an overdue solution to a long-standing concern for the interface's consumers.

Where is sensitive cloud data physically stored? Many EU companies have no idea

A recent survey revealed that nearly half of the EU companies queried had no idea where their cloud data is physically stored on a geographical level. The news arrives in the wake of the EU's adoption of the General Data Protection…

Microsoft and Google call a truce with an agreement to end regulatory disputes

Microsoft and Google have decided to compete with their products, rather than regulatory complaints. The two companies agreed to talk to each other first, before running to regulators.

Google parent Alphabet misses estimates; news not all bad

Alphabet, Google's parent company, missed analysts' first-quarter 2016 revenue expectations with earnings of $7.50. Its ad business and "moonshots," though, are doing better than expected.

Android N Developer Preview lands on Sony's Xperia Z3

Google's expanded the Android N Developer Preview to a non-Nexus device: Sony's aging Xperia Z3. It's probably not a sign of things to come, though -- other phone makers show no sign of offering the same.

Supreme Court green-lights Google despite claim of “infringement on a massive scale”

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal of a lower court ruling in favor of Google's scanning all books. Google Books will enable people to search all books for items of interest but will not allow people to read the books.