Android N's direct reply now shows full message threads in the notification tray

Android N Developer Preview 4 has been out for almost a week now. There's not much new, but direct reply shows us that you will be able to see full message threads directly in the notification tray. Here's everything you need to know about…

Google marks concrete dates for Nexus device update life cycle

Google added concrete dates to when Nexus devices will stop receiving Android version updates. For example, the Nexus 5X and 6P are slated to no longer receive Android version updates after September 2017.

Google takes the the hassle out of 2-step verification

If you have 2-step Verification turned on, you know fumbling for your phone can be a hassle when you need to quickly login to a Google account. Not anymore -- Google has made the process simpler with push notification Google prompts.

Google’s symptom checker is a new way to incorrectly self-diagnose your ailments

Google's launched a new feature on mobile, symptom checker, that helps searchers find useful information about medical maladies and ailments. It's available in the U.S. in English, with additional language support planned.

Google's DeepMind division teaches a digital ant-like creature to play soccer

DeepMind's artificial intelligence division can now add another accomplishment to its already lengthy roster: the ability to teach itself 'ant soccer.' The feat's thanks to processing improvements and a new method of reinforcement.
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Your camera’s digital ‘fingerprint’ could prevent image theft and fight crime

Slight imperfections in the image sensor manufacturing process give every camera a unique "fingerprint" that is hidden in the photos it takes. A new technology is making it easier to process these fingerprints from any camera.

Google is paying up to 50 percent more to hackers who find Android bugs

Google has made hundreds of thousands of dollars to hackers who find bugs in Android, but the company has announced that it will now be offering as much as 50 percent more that the firm has previously.

Forced arbitration bans Google Fiber customers from filing class-action lawsuits

Last week, Google updated its terms of service for Fiber with a forced arbitration clause, preventing disgruntled customers from filing class-action lawsuits. Customers were informed of the change earlier this week, and provided with an…
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Google's Now on Tap gains shortcuts to alarms and places nearby, becomes a whole lot more useful

Now on Tap, Google's machine learning search service for Android, is about to get more useful with the addition of shortcuts. You'll soon be able to explore nearby places, for instance, or quickly create a reminder.

Google sends machine learning researchers to the mountain views of Switzerland

The largest concentration of Google engineers outside the U.S. is already in Zurich, where Google Research, Europe, is opening to study machine learning, machine intelligence, natural language processing and understanding, and machine…

Lawsuit alleges Google stole idea for Project Loon from Arizona company

Google X's Project Loon might not be flying so high after this lawsuit. An Arizona company claims Google stole its "trade secrets" for its moonshot project to bring internet access everywhere.

This Grandma made the most polite Google search in history

British grandma May Ashworth is possibly the politest web user on the planet. Believing there was someone out there taking care of her Google Searches, the silver surfer has always been careful to exhibit perfect manners when using the…