Google expands its self-driving car program to Washington state

A Google self-driving car is set to begin testing in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. City officials lobbied hard to get Google to put some autonomous vehicles on its streets.

Google will finally start warning users about sites with fake download buttons

The web is about to get a little less tricky, as Google announced yesterday that a new update to its Safe Browsing will now warn users about sites with fake download buttons, update notifications, and other deceptive ads.

YouTube developing live 360-degree video streaming capability, says new report

YouTube is meeting with camera manufacturers in an effort to introduce live 360-degree video streaming to its platform, says a new report. Sources close to the company claim it could develop the software needed for live 360-degree video…

Headlines, traffic, weather: This Google Engineer’s smart mirror keeps you informed

What happens when a Google software engineer wants something that's not on the market yet? He makes it himself. That's how Max Braun created a smart mirror that shows him the time, weather, and news.

Gmail joins the billion users club

Google announced Monday that Gmail now has a billion monthly active users. Launched 12 years ago, the online tool has for a while been the world's most popular Web-based email service, beating out rivals such as Hotmail (now…

Google parent Alphabet posts record-crushing fourth-quarter 2015 earnings

The final quarter of 2015 saw record revenue for Alphabet, the parent company of Google. And based on market capitalization, Alphabet has now surpassed Apple as the most valuable company on the planet.

Chrome Web app search listings put malicious apps first

Most of us would trust Google with search results, but the company is receiving criticism for the way listings from its Chrome Web Store can be abused by the creators of bogus software.

Google could finally pit Nexus phones against the iPhone

The Nexus phone isn't a household name, but it could be moving forward. A new report says that Google now wants full control of the development and manufacturing process of its Nexus phones.
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Google is testing drones for 5G Internet delivery

Google is going to great heights for Internet. In a new initiative known as Project Skybender, the Silicon Valley giant is looking into employing solar-powered drones to beam down 5G Internet.

Google Chrome for iOS loses ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Google seems to have removed the 'Do Not Track' feature in Chrome for iOS -- but the issue stems from Apple's constraints in its WKWebView API for third-party browsers. Google said it will add the features again if Apple offers an update.

Guess how much Google paid the guy who briefly owned

Google has just revealed how much it paid the guy who last September momentarily owned the domain. The cash payment was a reward for highlighting a bug in its system, and the Mountain View company set the amount "in a very…

Google’s latest partnership brings human-like intelligence to smartphones 2:46

Google has upped the ante in image recognition, and this could make your smartphone so smart, it's scary. The company announced a new partnership with semiconductor startup Movidius, which specializes in advanced visual…