Google is recruiting Reddit users to improve speech recognition

Google is recruiting users of popular social network Reddit to improve the robustness of its speech recognition engine, according to sources. It's part of the company's ongoing effort to enhance support for accents.

Spending some facetime with Duo, Google's ultra-simple new video chat app

Google finally debuted Duo, a long-awaited cross-platform video messenger for Android and iOS. Just how does it compare to the myriad of other chat apps on the market? We run it through its paces to find out.

Google tries to take some of the hassle out of doing your civic duty

It has helped you find all the information you need to make an informed decision this November, and now, it's helping you put that decision to action. On Friday, Google announced a new search feature that will allow users to register to…

Duo: Google wants its new video-calling app to be a FaceTime killer

Is there really room for yet another video-calling app? Google certainly hopes so, because it's just launched Duo, a super-simple FaceTime-like offering for Android and iOS.

Report: Sony phones crash least often, Nexus phones are updated fastest

According to a recent report from Apteligent, Google Nexus devices have the best overall user experience when it comes to Android phones. In second place is Motorola, though some suggest this could change under Lenovo's guidance.

Next version of Google Glass could be powered by AA batteries, patent shows

According to Google's latest patent, the next version of Glass could have a number of significant changes, such as a touchpad for easier control and the ability to power the device with AA or AAA batteries.

Don’t panic, but a bug in Linux is leaving 80% of all Android users open to hacks

A newly discovered bug in Linux reportedly has left as many as 80 percent of all Android users open to being hacked. The bug basically allows hackers to intercept internet connections and insert malicious code into them.

Google just hammered another nail in the coffin of Google+

Google has hammered another nail in the coffin of Google+ -- making it possible to now leave reviews on Google Play without the need for a Google+ account. The move isn't all that surprising.

Intriguing details emerge about Fuchsia OS, Google’s latest project

Details have emerged about a new operating system Google's developers are working on dubbed Fuchsia OS, It could either be something new, or the long-rumored merger of Android and Chrome OS.

Waze is now making it far easier for you to drive to events

Driving to or around events can be a bit of a pain, but Waze is here to try and make things easier through a number of new tools targeted at event organizers. These tools allow organizers to schedule road closures and other delays.

Google adds a Dashboard to Google Now, but only for the rumored Nexus Launcher

Google is testing a Dashboard that would show all your notifications from Google services, such as Keep, Calendar, and more. It looks like the feature will only be available for people using the Nexus Launcher in the upcoming Nexus devices.

Google is making Gmail safer with new security warnings for malicious links

Google has updated Gmail, both on Android and the web, with a number of new security features. For example, you'll now get a warning when you click on a link to a malicious website.