Wired or wireless, indoors or out, this home security cam works anywhere

The Canary Flex is a strikingly attractive home security camera that can operate indoors or outdoors, wired or wirelessly. With an optional LTE mount, it can even work in remote locations beyond Wi-Fi range.

Keep the fire going with these 10 apps for couples

When you're in a relationship, you should always try to keep that fire burning. Here are 10 romantic apps to help you stay closer to your loved one, whether you're in need of a date suggestion or a safe space.

Win your fantasy football league with the help of these Android and iPhone apps

Looking for an extra advantage when picking and managing your fantasy football team? Check out these five mobile apps, which will give you a leg up on the competition and earn you the title you've always dreamed of.

Microsoft's new Outlook inherits a few of Sunrise's most popular features

A major new version of Microsoft's Outlook client on Android and iOS borrows a few of the most popular features from Sunrise, the calendar app the company acquired in February of last year.

Google brings Cardboard Camera to iOS, improves sharing and adds features

Cardboard Camera, the Google app that lets you take and view 360-degree photos, is now available on iOS. Google has also improved the sharing functionality -- a link is sent out so anyone can easily view images or albums without the app.

15 handy new iOS 10 tips and tricks to try out 8:07

Whether you’re an iOS veteran or a complete newcomer, you’ll find that iOS 10 is packed full of new features and improvements. Here are our favorite tips and tricks to help you master your iPhone or iPad.

Windows 10 Mobile reaches 14-percent share of Windows Phone market

Windows 10 Mobile seems to be gaining some traction, and has jumped to a 14-percent market share within the overall Windows Phone market. But that still puts it far behind iOS and Android.

Microsoft to reportedly end sales of Lumia by end of year

According to a source within Microsoft to WinBeta, Microsoft will be ending the Lumia brand later this year. This could mean that Microsoft would be re-entering the mobile space with a different phone.

Google Photos can now stabilize and share your shaky Apple Live Photos

Google is rolling out Photos 2.0 on iOS, baking in a number of great features from its recently released Motion Stills app. For example, you can now use Google Photos to stabilize your shaky Apple Live Photos.

iOS users can now stream just about every DirecTV channel data-free on AT&T

DirecTV quietly launched live-streaming in an update to its iOS app, alongside news that DirecTV streaming no longer counts towards your AT&T data allotment. Does this mean DirecTV Now is launching soon?

Apple Music’s iOS 10 update includes new personalized playlists to compete with Spotify

Apple Music has launched two new playlists aimed squarely at competing with Spotify's popular Discover Weekly feature, giving beta users of iOS 10 a personalized listening experience.

Nintendo’s iconic plumber sprints onto iOS with ‘Super Mario Run’

Taking the stage at Apple's keynote Wednesday, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed Super Mario Run, an autoscrolling platformer launching this holiday season for iOS devices.