Flickr now lets you turn your photographic masterpieces into canvases

Flickr on Monday launched a new service allowing its members to quickly and easily order large canvas prints of their images. Photos mounts and canvas wraps are both offered, with prices starting at $49.


This robot printer from Fuji Xerox brings your printed documents to your desk

Fuji Xerox has created a prototype robotic printer that will simplify the normal printing process. The robot printer, which has been tested in a lounge in Tokyo, finds its way to you whenever you want to print a document.

Cool Tech

How to print while saving the planet

Printing makes Captain Planet sad, but there are ways to decrease the adverse impact that your printing projects have on the planet. In fact, a few simple tricks can cut a huge chunk off any printing project, including not just documents but also Web pages…


The pocket-sized printer that moves across pages

Ever wanted a printer that you can carry around in your pocket? The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, currently raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, could be just what you've been looking for.


Yes, Virginia, it’s possible to make big prints with an iPhone, and Pixuru shows you can

Photos taken with smartphones generally aren't suitable for large prints, but online print shop Pixuru's large 25-foot wide print from an iPhone photos of a Chicago landmark suggests that you can go big.


Shredding the myth of the paperless office

Technology promised to deliver us from paper for good, but we’re actually using more than ever before.


Walgreens and Kicksend partner up for photo printing straight from your iPhone

No more walking into a drugstore's photo department with your memory card to order digital prints thanks to Kicksend's latest iOS app update.


Screen print photos onto textiles using Lumi app, dye, and sunlight

Who needs expensive screen printing equipments when you can custom make your own garment patterns using an iPhone app, dye, and sunlight?


HP: Print isn’t dying… if you change the definition of print

HP’s latest attempt to defend its flagging printing business takes a detour into the bizarre with a study that proves – surprise – we can’t live without words that don’t appear on computer screens.


Obama Orders federal agencies to cut back on mobile devices, vehicles, and printing

President Obama has issued an Executive Order, forcing government agencies to reduce the amount they spend on travel, printing, swag, and vehicles by utilizing technology more efficiently.


HP and Condé Nast partner to deliver magazines direct to printers

In a move that's sure to require an enormous forest to supply the paper required for this project, HP and Condé Nast are teaming up to deliver content to consumer printers rather than the newsstand.


HP Builds Web Access into Photosmart Home Printer

HP's new HP Photosmart Premium printer comes with apps that let users directly access and print online content, without using a PC or other device.


iPrint: From iPhone to Printer in Seconds

HP's recently released iPrint photo allows iPhone users to send photos directly from the phone to HP printers.


Canon Brings its Bucket Printer Stateside

The rather odd CP770 and its smaller twin, the CP760, are headed to the United States from Europe.


Lexmark Targets Wi-Fi Printing

Lexmark is looking to lower the price tags associated with wireless printing, new inkjet models sporting friendly features...and one with an $80 price tag.