Humble’s Eye Candy Bundle is rich in retro PC style

Humble Bundle's latest pay-what-you-want collection of Steam-redeemable PC games features a lineup of richly detailed, retro-styled 2D games, including standouts like Towerfall: Ascension and A Boy and His Blob.

Sega Genesis ROM hacks hit Steam, with bizarre results

Sega has opened the floodgates on a new wave of bizarre and unconventional fan mods. Thanks to a recent Sega Genesis emulator frontend update, users can drastically modify and distribute hacked copies of many 16-bit classics via…
Virtual Reality

Big screen app could make VR the best place to host LAN parties

Getting yourself to a virtual LAN party will be easier than ever before when BigScreen finally launches on Steam this Thursday. After two years of work, the developers have created a collaborative gaming space that anyone can enjoy in VR.
Movies & TV

Steam chugs into movie rentals with huge Lionsgate deal

Valve's Steam platform has offered up a handful of movies for some time now, but they were mainly either about gaming or were tie-ins like Mad Max: Fury Road. Now the service will offer more than 100 movies from Lionsgate.

Valve tells devs bitcoin payments are inbound to Steam

Users of the popular video game storefront Steam will soon be able to pay for their purchases using Bitcoin, according to a message posted on the service's private developer forum.

Sega evokes 16-bit nostalgia with Mega Drive Classics Hub on Steam

Sega is updating its Steam catalog of classic Genesis and Mega Drive games with a new 3D interface that simulates the look and feel of a console gaming fanatic's bedroom during the 16-bit era.

Bastion creator reveals stylish RPG Pyre

Bastion creator Supergiant Games has revealed its latest project, announcing that the "party-based role-playing game" Pyre is due to launch for the PlayStation 4 and PCs via Steam in 2017.

Final Fantasy IX now out on Steam featuring enhanced graphics and ‘game boosters’ 1:47

Originally released for the first PlayStation console in 2000, Final Fantasy IX is now available for the PC on Steam featuring enhanced graphics and new features that let players progress through the game faster than ever.

Consortium: The Tower renews crowdfunding efforts on Fig

Interdimensional Games has relaunched its crowdfunding campaign for the next chapter in its Consortium sci-fi RPG series for PCs, announcing that backers can share in the game's profits by pledging their support via…

Did a California congressman really drop $1,300 on Steam purchases?

Representative Duncan D. Hunter, a California Republican, had $1,302 of Steam spending on his campaign disclosure, prompting an FEC investigation. Hunter says it was fraud, and will be refunded.

Windows 10 leaps ahead of 7 among Steam gamers

Windows 10 is behind Windows 7 in overall marketshare, but is winning in among Steam gamers. Cutting-edge users are embracing Microsoft's latest operating system, when free from the constraints of the IT department.