Quantum Break is coming to PC the same day as Xbox One 1:47

Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will be releasing on PC in April, the same day as the console version. This comes soon after Rise of the Tomb Raider made the move to PC, as well.

First few levels of yarn-filled puzzler Unravel reveal major charm 1:42

You've got an old lady that can't remember anything and an adorable character made of yarn? That's the upcoming puzzler Unravel, and you can see the game in action in this quick video.

Oops! Electronic Arts basically revealed how many Xbox Ones are out there

We now know why Microsoft reporting monthly updates on Xbox One hardware sales, thanks to a recent financial report from publisher Electronic Arts.

16 Xbox One games we’re dying to get our hands on in 2016 1:53

Xbox One fans have a lot to look forward to this year. Take a look at 16 of 2016's best Xbox One games. Find out what to expect and when to expect them all in this quick video.

Windows 10 ecosystem review (Windows 10, Phone, Xbox)

Microsoft’s desktop operating system is a winner, but the company is trying to expand it into an eco-system with Windows Phone 10 and Xbox. This initiative make sense, but its execution is a mess.

Disney Infinity uses the force well in new Force Awakens playset 3:02

Rey, Finn and your favorite "Force Awakens" characters are ready to play in the new add-on for Disney Infinity 3.0. See if you'll want to join in after watching this quick video review.

New Star Wars Battlefront DLC doesn’t live up to movie hype 2:40

With two new maps and one new mode, Star Wars Battlefront fights for redemption with its new DLC but can it deliver? We went hands-on to share our thoughts in this quick video review.
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Best Buy is selling the iPhone 6S for $1, but there’s a catch 1:48

If you hurry, you can score an iPhone 6S for $1 at Best Buy. Naturally, there are some conditions, but if you're a Verizon or Sprint customer up for signing a new 2-year contract, we advise you get a move on.

Turn off your brain and wingsuit around an exploding paradise in Just Cause 3 4:44

If you like explosions prepare to see a lot of them in "Just Cause 3". Find out what we think about the new open-world adventure full of action and fun in our full review.

PS4 users eat your heart out — you can now try on clothes with your Xbox One

Now there's another reason for non-gamers to break out the Xbox One Kinect 2. "The dressing room," in the Mall app lets you try before your buy while you remain in the comfort of your home by virtually overlaying clothes on you…

The Spectra Controller by PowerA is an epic light show for your Xbox One 2:44

Upgrade your Xbox One controller to make long gaming sessions that much more fun. See how the Spectra Illuminated controller can light up how you play in this quick video review.

Here are the video games you won’t want to miss this December 2:05

Keeping track of the latest video game releases can be difficult. Find out what's new and what to expect from this December's new releases in just seconds with this quick video.