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Part of our mission here at DT is to help you navigate an increasingly digital world, so ever since our inception we’ve been writing tutorials, how-to’s, and guides for just about everything imaginable. It’s been over a decade since we launched, and in that time we’ve amassed a huge repository of helpful articles – everything from how to speed up your PC, to tips and tricks for making a great craigslist ad. Whatever you need to know, we’ve got the 411. 

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Palm tree, volcano, hospital: How to enable emoji on any Android phone

Who doesn't love emoji? They allow us to say so many things digitally that we would never be able to with just words, from "I'm feeling sick and going to the hospital," to "my cat pooped a palm tree, one hundred!" and everything in between.


How to start a blog

Everybody has a blog, it seems. If you want to be somebody with a blog, it would be our pleasure to teach you some blogging basics.


Cut down on your phone bill: How to reduce your data usage on Android or iOS

Minutes and texts belong to the past now. The focus of your smartphone worry today should be data. We take a look at how to reduce your data usage, avoid breaking your limits, and save yourself a little money.


Want to make sure you don’t lose that Vimeo video? Here’s how to download it

Vimeo offers a lot of great content, but like any streaming video site, you can't access it if you don't have Internet. Here's how to download videos from the site and save them for later.


How to factory reset an iPhone (any generation)

Learn how to factory reset your iPhone with or without using iTunes, no matter what generation it is.


How to watch the Open Championship online

Starting today the greatest golfers in the world will compete in the sport’s oldest major championship: the British Open. They will assemble on Thursday on the Old Course at St. Andrews, the primordial birthplace of golf. There, on the rugged hills of…

Movies & TV

How to change your wallpaper and login screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a new Settings menu, and as a result some common tasks have changed. Replacing the wallpaper for your desktop or login screen is among them. Here's how to do it with 10.


Capture the colors of July 4 with these simple tips for photographing fireworks

Properly capturing fireworks can be more than a little challenging. Check out a few of our simple tips and tricks for doing so, whether talking shooting speed, image stabilization, or exposure time.


Opt out of Apple Music’s auto-renewal option with this easy walkthrough

Test driving Apple Music but don't want to commit yet? Follow these simple steps to turn off its auto-renewal feature and avoid the upcoming monthly fee.


No Internet, no problem — how to fix Windows 8.1 Wi-Fi issues

Windows 8.1 systems often suffer from Wi-Fi issues that make a network appear as if it lacks Internet access. We've scoured the Internet and found three solutions that commonly resolve the issue.