Digital Trends Staff

Digital Trends Staff

Trends with Benefits: Tesla’s tease, Amazon’s not joking, Minority Report is real

Tesla has something big coming, Amazon wants to sell you stuff with buttons all over your house, Minority Report is real, and a smartphone accessory transforms your iPhone into a Game Boy.


DT Giveaway: Turn your rock cachet to 11 by winning these Marshall Monitor headphones

We're giving away a pair of Marshall Monitor Headphones to one lucky reader! Sign up for your chance to win these stylish, high-end headphones from one of the most storied names in rock and roll.

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Trends with Benefits: Nintendo nostalgia, forcefields, zapping pain with sound

Nintendo has a new system, but we really just want its game on smartphones, Facebook wants to publish news, but we really just want it to link, and force fields protect from explosions, but we really just want them to protect from Nerf darts.


Parental Advisory: How to limit your kids’ iPhone usage

Spending to much time on any device can be detrimental to children. Thankfully, we've put together a few tips on to limit your kids' usage on an iPhone, whether you're trying to restrict access to certain apps and websites, or merely lock them out entirely.


DT Daily: Google Glass isn’t dead after all

Reports in January of the end of Google’s Glass Explorer program apparently didn’t signal the demise of Glass. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt told the Wall street journal that Glass is alive and well. Nest CEO Tony Fadell has been installed as…

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DT Giveaway: Control everything with the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home remote

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home remote connects to your TV, gaming console, and smart home devices to let you control everything with one remote. We're giving one away to a lucky DT reader.

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Trends with Benefits: A Vue you don’t want, RIP Internet Explorer, clowning Caleb

Elon Musk thinks driving will soon be illegal, PlayStation Vue takes on Big Cable, the over/under TP debate is definitely not over, and we kiss Internet Explorer goodbye.


Trends with Benefits: Primus triggers mom-rage, Google’s stank solution

Overpriced streaming services and gold watches battle for idiots' money, Primus caused a mom to shoot her TV, and Google's plan for a smell-squelching fan has everyone confused, then appalled.


DT Giveaway: Win an HTC Re, an action cam for every day, not the X Games

We're giving away an HTC Re! Enter for your chance to win this $200 mini action camera.


What to watch on TV this week: 30 for 30, Conan, and more

Cord cutters, your great hope has arrived. Stop plugging your ears around the water cooler and averting your eyes from your Twitter feed as the rest of the world discusses the best shows on TV and start getting back in the conversation with Sling TV…

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