Panamera Jr: Porsche prepping ‘Pajun’ sedan to battle Mercedes E-Class?

Panamera Jr: Porsche prepping "Pajun" sedan to battle Mercedes E-Class?

It appears that German sports car maker Porsche is set to flex more of its muscle in the luxury sedan segment. After hitting a home-run with sporty Panamera (pictured), Porsche will introduce a smaller version of its four-door luxury sedan, reports Reuters.

According to German car magazine Auto Bild, the new Porsche will be named Pajun, expanding the brand’s portfolio to six model lines. The Pajun will aim to compete directly with fellow German automaker Mercedes Benz’s E-class and CLS coupe. While nothing has been officially determined, price estimates place the cost of the Pajun somewhere north of $84,000 if, and when, it rolls out onto showroom floors.

Porsche spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode told Reuters that while there were many ideas for a sixth model, any final decisions have not been made.

If reports prove accurate, the Pajun will slot in next to Porsches’ current lineup, which includes the Boxster/Cayman series, the Cayenne SUV, and the aforementioned Panamera. Next year, Porsche is expected to begin production on a fifth model, the Macan compact SUV.

For the moment, everything remains unclear. Officials from Porsche have yet to provide any real specific details, and Auto Bilde was unable to cite any sources for its reports, but if we look at the Porsche’s recent activities, especially in relation to expanding its vehicle portfolio, we can see that the introduction of the Pajun — or whatever it ends up being called – looks likely.

In fact, the upcoming Macan provides us the greatest bit of evidence when trying to discern whether the Pajun will, indeed, materialize. When it finally goes into production, we expect Porsche to engineer a compact crossover SUV that will more than likely be a derivative of its bigger brother, the Cayenne. Therefore, it makes sense the company would follow suit in similar fashion with a smaller version of the Panamera, lending a greater deal of credibility to all the rumors.

While there were more than a few naysayers prior to Porches introduction of the Cayenne and Panamera – and rightfully so — the German automaker nevertheless pressed onward. Seeing past the skeptics, Porsche managed to enjoy decent success with both the Panamera and Cayenne. No doubt they will be anticipating more of the same here. And if anything, Porsche has demonstrated on more than one occasion that it knows how to venture off into non-traditional segments and still deliver a compelling, and sporty, driving experience.