Suzuki’s renamed G70 concept may actually see a production run


Japanese automaker Suzuki has announced that it will rename its Regina concept, the company showed off not long ago at the Tokyo Auto Show, to the more numerical G70.

While the spry Suzuki is certainly a head turner with its partial retro design, it also happens to features a host of modern twists like a stylish interior, rear view cameras, elaborated aerodynamics, and dome-like roof.

Suzuki is also touting the fuel efficiency of the G70, which may also owe its name change partly to that efficiency. The diminutive car weighs in at a slim 1,606 pounds, and is said to emit only 70g/km of carbon emissions, hence G70.


The vehicle is also said to utilize Suzuki’s Swift Range Extended, Suzuki’s latest development in hybrid technology that should increase the fuel efficiency and range of the nimble car by 30km.

No clear word on whether the G70 will actually make it to production (or if it will even make its way stateside), but with its aesthetically pleasing design and proposed fuel efficiency, the G70 could be just the car to gather some real enthusiasm this side of the pond. And because of Suzuki’s Swift Range Extender’s simple three cylinder engine, it should be fairly cheap to actually bring to production.

Hopefully more details emerge next month where Suzuki will show off the G70 at the Geneva Motor Show.