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Artificial Plant Harvests Kinetic Energy

Artificial plants that are eco? It sounds strange, but in the future, those cheesy plastic plants lurking behind you at Denny’s could actually be harvesting renewable energy from the movement of the air. Welcome to the brave new world of indoor kinetic energy harvesting, via Ayden Design’s eye-catching concept design, the TouchPot.

According to Ecofriend, the TouchPot is “an eco-friendly artificial plant pot that harnesses kinetic energy whenever its artificial leaves are moved by hand or by the wind.” These artificial leaves can be rotated and moved in any direction, and they respond to human touch by harnessing the tiny amount of energy generated in the process.

But wait, there’s more. Open up a window and let the fresh air in–your TouchPot will harvest the breeze to recharge an on-board battery. A fully recharged battery can be used to power a LED light panel integrated within the pot, so it can function as a weird sort of mood lighting after hours. That energy can also be used for more practical purposes, such as charging your portable electronic devices.

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