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Newegg has fantastic gaming monitor deals today — but hurry!

As graphics cards get more powerful, gaming monitors have been making pretty big strides, and even less-known manufacturers have been getting into the game. So, for example, in today’s gaming monitor deals, we have an offering not only from Acer but also from Nixeus, a company that isn’t as well known and yet still offers a pretty great specced device.

Acer XF Series — $190, was $250

Acer XF Series 27-inch XF270H front view.

The first monitor on the block is the Acer XF series, and for just $190, it’s not too bad of a deal. This TN monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 144Hz refresh rate, both of which provide a great experience for those who like to play FPS games, even if you have a budget PC from our gaming PC deals. Of course, the best part is that it comes with G-Sync, which is a pretty big steal for the price when that alone often adds another $100 to the price tag. You also get the 1ms response time, which no monitor should be without these days if we’re being honest.

Nixeus EDG — $200, was $380

Nixeus EDG 27inch screen from the front with text 'AMD Radeon Freesync'

The second screen we have on offer is from a lesser-known company, but that generally means you can get better specs for almost the same prices. In fact, for just the extra $10 difference, the EDG has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and it even has an IPS panel rather than a TN one, which makes it leaps better. Of course, you do lose out on the G-sync, and maybe that’s part of why the price is lower, but you still get Freesync, so that’s not too bad if you run an AMD GPU. Also, while the refresh rate is 144Hz, the response time is slightly higher at 4ms — still below the industry-accepted maximum of 10ms. Even so, some esports professionals say they can feel a difference, so if you do think you want to go down that route in the future, going with the first monitor might be better. Otherwise, the EDG is probably the better choice.

Of course, once you buy your monitor, you probably need to grab a few other things for your PC as well, so check out some of our other Newegg deals and get everything shipped together.

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