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The Vibrollie combines vibration therapy with your classic foam roller

Meet the Vibrollie, heralded as the best vibrating fitness roller, and just maybe, the answer to all your post-workout blues. Meant for muscle recovery, injury prevention, postural alignment, and pain management, the Vibrollie combines vibration therapy with the classic foam roller.
RinseKit Lux

The RinseKit gets an upgrade with more capacity and a water heater

The original RinseKit gets an upgrade with new soft Lux Tote model and Hot Rod water heater. The Tote offers more carrying capacity, the ability to remove the water tank, and the an option to use it as a soft cooler. It also has compatibility with the Hot Rod to heat the water for on the go warm showers.
GoGolf GPS

The wearable GoGolf GPS always knows the distance to the hole

GoGolf is a GPS sensor that pairs with a smartphone to provide accurate shot information, including distance to the pin from your current ball location. The device's can be worn on a cap and has a custom app that offers a database of more than 30,000 golf courses from around the world.
vicis zero1 lab nfl hq 14417

The Vicis Zero1 ranks highest in NFL and NFLPA testing for second straight year

For the second year in a row, the Vicis Zero1 helmet clinched the top safety rating after the NFL and NFLPA conducted its own independent performance tests. Now, the company can claim the top two positions among the 34 helmets tested, as last year's model also continues to rate highly in terms of safety.
kelly slater wsl event 1

Kelly Slater’s ‘Surf Ranch’ will make waves by hosting its first competition

Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch will play host to a World Sure League event with competitors riding artificial waves as part oft he competition. The Surf Ranch will plays host to a World Surf League event with five teams of five riders each taking on the artificial waves that the venue has become famous for.
Bosch PowerTube 500

The Bosch PowerTube 500 is an ebike battery in stealth mode

In the summer of 2018, Bosch brings the PowerTube 500 to North America, integrating the new battery pack into consumer models for the first time. The PowerTube puts the battery pack into the frame of the bike, allowing it to appear like a more traditional bike, but with ebike performance.
yakima and poler skyrise rooftop tent polermain

Yakima’s SkyRise Poler puts a stylish spin on the popular rooftop tent

Yakima teams up with Poler in a redesign of the popular rooftop tent -- dubbed the SkyRise Poler -- including camouflage fabric, orange accents, and all the same coveted features from the original SkyRise. It's easy to mount, pitch, and take down -- no tools or bolts required.
biolite homestove biolite1

The BioLite HomeStove is nearly smokeless and turns fire into electricity

The BioLite HomeStove converts heat into electricity -- and it's available to outdoor consumers for a limited time only.
drone kitesurfer great white shark

The humble LED could help prevent shark attacks on surfers

A team of researchers in Australia believe it's found a way to help surfers avoid the unwanted attention of sharks. It involves sticking a set of LEDs to the underside of the board, which the researchers say helps to hide the surfer's silhouette from any sharks that happen to be nearby.
nike af1 nikeconnect nfc news qs nyc image 1

Nike takes big step into connected tech by testing it in limited-edition sneakers

The limited-edition AF1 NikeConnect QS NYC are the first sneakers that Nike is testing its NFC technology inside.
50Ten Pop-Up Camper

Turn your truck into a comfy mobile home with this pop-up camper

Camper manufacturer Fiftyten has created the Adventure Vehicle System, which is a modular pop-up camper that can turn any pick-up truck into a comfy mobile home complete with kitchen, expansive storage, a water tank, and comfortable sleep quarters that you can take with you anywhere.
Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley’s latest cycling sunglasses promise to cut down on the fog

Oakley's new Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses are designed to help cyclists eliminate the fog that comes with overheating.
Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000

Relive childhood memories with the Buzzraw E1000 ebike

Built to look like a mini-bike motorcycle from the 1970's, the Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 is pure modern electric bike tech wrapped up in a nostalgic wrapper.
Yuba Electric Boda Boda

The Electric Boda Boda ebike from Yuba is built for urban commuters

Yuba's new Electric Boda Boda is purpose-built for urban commuters looking for an ebike to commute to work and run errands around town.
blea shark e surfboards surfboardkickstarter

Blea Shark e-surfboards let you surf on flat water at 30 miles per hour

Ever wanted to get into surfing, but wanted to flatten out the learning curve? These new Blea Shark e-surfboards promise to help.
Somewear Global Hotspot

Send text messages from anywhere with the Somewear Global Hotspot

The Somewear Global Hotspot is a device that connects with a smartphone and allows users to send text messages from anywhere on the planet.
MET Grancorso ebike helmet

The Met Grancorso is a helmet designed for the hazards of riding ebikes

The Met Grancorso is a new cycling helmet made to meet new safety standards for riding ebikes at faster speeds in Europe.
superstraps betterback mom

The SuperStraps backpack booster takes the pressure off

The addition of the SuperStraps to your backpack might just be the ergonomic solution you didn't know you needed.
puffle blanket

The Puffle was designed to be the ultimate camping blanket

Meet the Puffle, a three-in-one adventure blanket that has already managed to raise over $53,000, with over two weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign.
ibm watson masters ipad land news

IBM’s Watson will make headlines at the Masters tournament

Thanks to Watson, you'll now have an artificially intelligent tool that can help you catch up on all the action at the Masters tournament.
paratrooper elite mountain bike directconnect open

The Paratrooper Elite is a folding mountain bike for adventurers

Getting up and down a mountain doesn't require a mountain of a bike. Here to prove that is the all-new Paratrooper Elite, the latest product to come out of Montague Bikes.
Aquabionic fins

Meet Aquabionic: like ski-boot bindings for diving fins

Aquabonic delivers the first ever binding system for diving fins, creating a better fit and more flexibility for Scuba divers.
Oakley Paris-Roubaix Challenge

Oakley challenges amateur cyclists to ride like the pros

Oakley sportswear is challenging amateur cyclists to ride like the pros by covering the same distance as the Paris-Roubaix classic to win awesome prizes.
selfie stupidity at tour de france cycling

Drug enforcement agency turns to A.I. to help sniff out doping athletes

Hoping to better enforce its rules, the World Anti-Doping Agency is turning to artificial intelligence to keep closer tabs on suspected cheaters.
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes proves quality ebikes don’t have to be pricey

Ebike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes offers a line of electric pedal assist models that are more affordable and accessible than the competition.
gopro hero launched budget goprohero

Just call me hero: GoPro tempts the budget crowd with the simplified $199 Hero

It's easier than ever to enter the GoPro Hero family thanks to a new, $199 action camera that's simply called the Hero. The camera lacks 4K, but looks similar to the Hero6 Black, with a waterproof body and built-in touchscreen..
Wacaco Nanopresso

Take the Nanopresso with you for a perfect cup of espresso wherever you may go

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a portable espresso machine that you can take with you anywhere, ensuring a hot beverage on the go.
Rogue Ridge Fat Tire eBike

Take on the toughest terrain around with the Rogue Ridge fat tire ebike

Rogue Ridge has built a fat tire ebike designed to take on the toughest of terrain, including dirt, mud, snow, and sand.
Yamaha Pedal Assist ebikes

Yamaha’s Power Assist line of ebikes offers something for every rider

The Yamaha Power Assist ebike line features four new models that are built for commuting, fitness, and off road riding.
ecco exostrike boots worlds strongest leather ecco1

Ecco’s Exostrike boots are made with the world’s strongest leather

Ecco Leather and DSM Dyneema joined forces to create Dyneema bonded leather. Now, Ecco unveils the first resultant product, the Exostrike boots.
bun j skiing france ride

Bun J combines skiing and bungee jumping for one wild ride

The Bun J ride at the Tignes resort in France combines skiing and bungee jumping to give adrenaline junkies an experience like no other.
Rayvolt Cruzer ebike

The Rayvolt Cruzer is the retro-styled café racer of ebikes

The Rayvolt Bikes Cruzer is a retro styled electric bicycle that takes its design cues from a 60's style motorcycle
digitsole ai insoles cycling ban

Digitsole’s A.I.-powered insoles strive to improve your cycling performance

This week, Digitsole, the French-based connected footwear technology company, unveiled the world's first A.I.-powered smart insoles for cycling.
purisoo water bottle

Purisoo lets you purify water via its innovative pumping system

With the new Purisoo bottle, you'll have a reusable, portable, water purification system that you can use just about anywhere at any time.