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foursquare unveils hypertrending feature at sxsw 2019

Foursquare introduces Hypertrending feature: Creepy or cool?

At SXSW, Foursquare introduced Hypertrending technology, which shows the most popular spots in town through the size of dots on a map. The company behind the location app remains cautious about a wide release of the feature, and admits it walks the fine line between being creepy and cool.
swarm 5 redesign simplified version screen shot 2017 08 09 at 9 12 58 am

Swarm 5.0 could be the 21st-century version of your childhood diary

foursquare marsbot launch

With Pilgrim, Foursquare wants other mobile apps to be able to find you, too


Snapchat’s new partnership with Foursquare could open the geofilter floodgates

Twitter Followers

Twitter and Foursquare partner to let you follow major events through location tags

Foursquare 8.0

Foursquare’s Marsbot knows where you want to eat before even you do

foursquare most checkins 2015 smartphone  restaurant

What did we eat most? Foursquare shares 2015’s most popular check-ins and trends

google shoulder surfers smartphone alert shopping cafe

Swarm introduces a digital currency for your check-in pleasure

swarm app check in save a kitten news face

Next time you check-in with Swarm, you could actually save a kitten

swarm foursquare mayor update news by app for ios android

Swarm finally brings back Mayorships, gives us a reason to check-in at Starbucks

button app integrates uber foursquare btn 4sq 1a

Button seamlessly connects apps so you can stop switching screens

Foursquare 8.0

Now you can call an Uber in Foursquare to take you to that new burger joint

Foursquare 8.0

Hands on: Foursquare’s rebuilt app wants you to stop bragging and start exploring

Foursquare 8.0 is a refreshing redesign that puts the focus on exploring great places instead of just checking in at hot spots.
google glass update world cup

Google wants you out and about in Glass, adds new travel apps to make it happen

skedadle lets discover cool places instagram pictures screen568x568

Skedadel lets you discover cool places through Instagram images

A new app using Instagram images and a unique algorithm wants to help you find the best places in the world.
facebook help brands talking fbstalker

Everything you need to know about a little app called FBStalker

A new app called FBStalker can find all your weaknesses, but there's a bright side to this devious software.
foursquare windows 8 app hands on

Hands on: Foursquare’s Windows 8 app ditches gamification for local discovery

The launch of Foursquare's Windows 8 app is a big win for Microsoft as popular social media companies begin to start developing for the operating system.
miss netiquettes guide to using social media let people know where you are at any given time netiquette 07 20 2013 header

Miss Netiquette’s guide to using location and check-in apps without harassing your friends

Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate and no one has written the rules on codes of conduct.

Top apps headed to Windows 8, including first ever Foursquare tablet app

Microsoft revealed that new apps were on their way to Windows 8 devices, including the first natively built Foursquare app - available only on Windows 8.
hell is other people

Hell is Other People is the anti-social network that helps you avoid your friends

In a social networking-centric society, Even if 'Hell is Other People' is an anti-social network that helps you avoid bumping into your friends around town.

Movie theaters are about to get Twitter and Foursquare-focused pre-shows

Twitter and Foursquare are partnering up with National CineMedia to show pre-show ads in theaters of Hollywood trending tweets, and local search-based ads.
10 cringe-worthy social apps that prove people are creeps

10 cringe-worthy social apps that prove people are creeps

You might want to re-think posting that photo of you rocking that new string bikini never know who's creeping on them.

Foursquare tries to save the check-in with one-step functionality

Foursquare has pushed a new update for iPhone that cuts the steps to check in down to one. Now there's no excuse for not checking in.
Why the SXSW curse

Why the SXSW curse? Apps launched in fantasyland seldom survive real life

OpenTable gets in on social discovery with ‘Places I’ve Eaten’ Facebook app

OpenTable is venturing into restaurant discovery using social signals, with the launch of its Facbeook app "Places I've Eaten."

Foursquare rolls out new feature enabling members to share venue info with non-members

Raytheon’s RIOT tracks social media users, predicts their next move

Raytheon has developed analytics that tracks and analyzes social media users to make predictions like whether or not an individual is a security threat.

Facebook reportedly developing a friend tracking app

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is developing a location tracking app due out this March. Your privacy might be in danger. Or it might not.
reviewercard i write reviews

Extortion or honesty? ReviewerCard is a gut check for the online review ecosystem

A new product called ReviewerCard lets you use your online clout to get better treatment by businesses.
the best of foursquare

Foursquare uses 3 billion check-ins and 10 million tips to create ‘most awesome places in the US’ lists

monetizing graph search

Here’s how Facebook could make money off of Graph Search

Facebook announced Graph Search, but monetization schemes haven't been discussed. Here's how we think Facebook will make money from its search engine.

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, but all its innovation is confusingly desktop-only. Here's why Graph Search needs to be on mobile in a hurry
foursquare checkin details snippet

Foursquare update to check-in pages on mobile Web, adds more details

Foursquare announced a redesigned check-in page today to its mobile Web app, which has design elements from social photo apps like Instagram.
Terms & Conditions Foursquare privacy policy

Terms & Conditions: If you care about privacy, don’t use Foursquare