Case made from twisted car-crash metal will stop you from texting while driving

Crashed Cases want to take away the temptation of using your phone while driving by wrapping it in a case made from the twisted metal recovered from crashed cars. Yep, that should do the trick.
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The most luxurious Airbnb rentals on Earth let you live the high life for awhile

Want to ditch your run-of-the-mill abode and live like a millionaire for a few days? Check out some of the most luxurious rentals currently available on Airbnb, whether you're looking to stay in the states or jet set to the other side of…

Sweden is fitting electric rails along its highways to power EVs

Sweden has opened its first electrified road in Stockholm. It plans to fit electric rails along its highways so electric vehicles can maintain power as they motor along, though EVs will need to be modified to use the system.
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Sweden’s Museum of Failure celebrates tech’s biggest flops

Everyone remembers history’s most successful products, but sometimes its flops can be fondly remembered, too. That's the basis for the new Museum of Failure in the Swedish town of Helsingborg.

Need an unconventional vacation? All of Sweden is available on Airbnb

The clever publicity stunt is meant to draw attention to the Swedish concept of “allemansrätten,” which makes everyone and anyone to freely roam the country’s public lands under the sole condition that they don’t trash the place.
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Beekeepers developing an AI app to spot bee's worst enemy

A concerned team of beekeepers from Sweden has proposed a plan to save bees. They want to develop an AI-powered app called BeeScanning, which would analyze images of beehives to spot harmful mites.
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From RFID implants to genital yogurt, Epicenter is the future’s awesomely odd office

Epicenter is part of a movement to build the office space of the future. For many Epicenter members, the goal isn’t just to kick back with yesteryear’s pleasures — it’s to push forward as early adopters of untested technology.
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Pimp my computer desk: Ikea will “open source” a new line of customizable furniture

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is currently developing a line of “open platform” furniture that's meant to encourage tinkerers to modify DIY products into new and interesting designs.
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Three men arrested over alleged rape that was broadcast through Facebook Live

Authorities arrested three men in Sweden after they were suspected of raping a woman and broadcasting the act through Facebook Live. The exact charges against the suspects are unknown.
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Experience the Aurora Borealis as it was meant to be seen — in a luxury treehouse cabin

Featuring breathtaking views of the northern lights, the 7th room at Sweden's treehouse-inspired Treehotel is a modern architectural marvel — for a price. Where else do you get a front row seat to the aurora borealis, though?
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Ambulances in Sweden will be able to hijack car radios during emergencies

The new Swedish system is entering testing in Stockholm in 2017 with the goal of making the roads much safer for emergency professionals and everyday drivers alike.
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Sweden has just made it a whole lot harder to fly camera drones

A recent ruling by Sweden's highest court has apparently made it a whole lot harder for people to fly camera drones there. The authorities have decided the machines are a kind of surveillance camera so a special permit will now be needed to…