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The Daylight DC1 tablet propped up on a stand.

The Daylight DC1 is one of the coolest tablets I’ve seen in years

If you think that tablets have been stale and boring for the last few years, you aren't alone. The new Daylight DC1 wants to put an end to that.
The Poco Pad tablet in different colors

This cool new Android tablet is hiding a very big secret

YouTube TV multiview options on an Android phone.

Android users finally get YouTube TV parity with iPhone

Green OnePlus Pad Android tablet on top of space gray 11-inch M1 iPad Pro 2021.

The 6 best iPad alternatives in 2024

The Tab 12 on a white surface.

The 6 best Lenovo tablets in 2024

The Surface Pro 9 with the Type Cover keyboard lifted up.

The 6 best detachable laptops in 2024

The Google Pixel Tablet sitting outside with its screen on.

Google just launched a new Pixel Tablet … kind of

The back of the iPad Air 5.

The 6 best tablets for travel in 2024

Using the Apple iPad Air 5.

The 6 best tablets for college in 2024

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

The 6 best tablets for kids in 2024

Amazon Kindle Scribe laying on a desk.

The 6 best tablets for handwritten notes in 2024

A render of the front of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024.

Samsung’s newest Android tablet is a perfect iPad alternative

Drawing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro (2022).

The 5 best tablets for drawing in 2024

We take a look at tablets that are considered the best for drawing, examine their hardware, and work to give you a sense of what you can do and make with them.
Two iPad Pro tablets next to each other against a black background. Both have Apple's Magic Keyboard case.

The 6 best tablets for watching movies in 2024

The best tablets for watching movies give you large screens with vibrant displays, yet are portable enough to fit in a backpack. Here's a look at our favorites.
Three Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2024 tablets next to each other, in mint, pink, and black.

Samsung just launched a secret Android tablet

Samsung didn't say anything about it, but it just released a new Android tablet — and it actually looks like a decent midrange option.
The back of the iPad Air 5.

I’m worried about Apple’s new iPads

Whispers suggest we may see new iPads next week. But unless it's something drastically different, I'm not that excited.
Apple iPad 9th Gen. 2021 on porch with toys.

Our 5 favorite tablet deals in Best Buy’s ‘3-Day Sale’

Here, we investigate the tablets that make up the 3-Day Sale and highlight the five we like the most, with both Apple and Windows operating systems covered.
Apple iPad Pro 11 with Apple Magic Keyboard.

When the iPad is a better computer than my PC

Is that iPad a real computer? That's a valid question with a few different answers. And for me, the iPad is a real computer that lets me get real work done.
The Google Pixel Tablet being propped up on a desk with its official case.

There’s one thing I want tablets to change in 2024

Tablets are in need of a design revolution, and I need Android tablets to adopt this one feature in 2024.
A mother and daughter use the Surface Go 3 together.

The best laptops for kids, tested and selected by experts

Younger kids need great laptops just like older kids, and these are the best we could find that provide what those younger kids need.
OnePlus Pad with keyboard case and stylus.

The OnePlus Pad is a lovely Android tablet with a surprising flaw

The OnePlus Pad gets a lot right in terms of the Android tablet experience — except for one small, but vital thing.
The Google Pixel Tablet was the most innovative tablet of 2023.

The most innovative tablets of 2023

2023 was a surprisingly strong year for tablets — including many innovative ones! Here are our picks for the most innovative tablets of the year.
Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro rugged Android tablet in black color with a leather strap.

I found the perfect Android tablet to buy this year

This $360 tablet stands out in a market crowded by other cheap Android tablets with a humongous battery, an armored design, and features unseen at this price.
Photo of the new Amazon Fire Kids tablets from its September 2023 event.

Amazon’s kid-friendly Fire HD 10 tablets bring AI-powered games

Amazon's new Fire HD 10 Kids and Kids Pro don't have huge changes, but they are adding some new apps and games that are worth paying attention to.
OnePlus Pad Go official imagery.

This is OnePlus’ next Android tablet — the OnePlus Pad Go

The OnePlus Pad Go is an affordable Android tablet that should impress with a sleek design and quality display. We have a first look at it.
Someone holding the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro (2022).

iPad Pro looks set for first major update since 2018

Apple is planning to overhaul the iPad Pro for the first time since 2018, with a new OLED display and other features incoming, according to a new report.
Lenovo Tab Extreme showing Chrome.

I made myself try a 14.5-inch tablet — and it didn’t go very well

I spent the past few weeks using one of the largest tablets ever, and I've come to the conclusion that no one really needs tablets this big.
The back of the Google Pixel Tablet.

We already had a Pixel Tablet 12 years ago — you just forgot about it

We've tried the whole tablet-and-speaker dock thing before, going all the way back to 2011. The experience hasn't gotten any better — not even with the Google Pixel Tablet.
Galaxy Tab S8 sitting at an angle above the tenth generation iPad.

How we test tablets

From the latest Android tablets to the best iPads, we review a lot of tablets at Digital Trends. Here's a glimpse at what our tablet review process looks like.
The back of the OnePlus Pad tablet.

You can now preorder the OnePlus Pad for $99 … kind of

The OnePlus Pad is nearly here, but fans can pay to get a spot in line to buy one. If that sounds a little confusing, that's because it is.
Front face of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 may get a feature the iPad has never had

Samsung is supposedly working on a new Galaxy Tab S9, and when it launches, it may offer a feature rarely seen on any other tablets — even Apple's iPad.
The OnePlus Pad tablet with Stylo stylus and keyboard cover.

Why now is the perfect time for the OnePlus Pad

OnePlus's first tablets come after tablets are officially old news — but the timing might be better than it appears to be at first sight.
Front and rear profile of the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro tablet.

CES 2023: TCL’s Nxtpaper 12 Pro could be a sweet iPad/Kindle hybrid tablet

Want a tablet with solid specs, full Android, and a screen that's easy on your eyes? TCL's new Nxtpaper 12 Pro could fit the bill perfectly.
The screen of the Surface Pro 9 on a table.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i: which 2-in-1 is best?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 makes for a better laptop if it's your primary machine. But as an adjunct to another machine, the IdeaPad Duet 5i is appealing.