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Verizon iPhone

The iPhone 4S gets torn apart for the world to enjoy

Sprint: The iPhone 4S will have unlimited data plan

Sprint and T-Mobile may get the iPhone 5

Sprint iPhone still in the works, possibly available this summer?

Verizon drops unlimited plans, offers iPhone 5 details

iPhone on Verizon

Report: Verizon iPhone 4 drops fewer calls, but customer satisfaction even with AT&T

Verizon AT&T iPhones

New study finds Verizon iPhone is slower than AT&T iPhone for data downloads

Verizon will pull unlimited iPhone data plans

Consumer Reports: Verizon iPhone is subject to death grip

Verizon’s rate of dropped 911 calls during recent snowstorm is ‘truly alarming,’ FCC says

Verizon iPhone sales fall short of expectations

Verizon handling iPhone traffic well, so far

AT&T offers users 1,000 free rollover minutes

iPhone on Verizon

Verizon iPhone 4 crowds non-existent in NYC

att offering free mobile to unlimited thumbnail

AT&T offering free mobile to mobile

Verizon 4G

Verizon preparing improved voice calls, video chat with 4G LTE network


Verizon iPhone 4 has antenna ‘death grip’ problems, too


Verizon iPhone teardown reveals dual-mode GSM-CDMA potential, sparks ‘world phone’ iPhone 5 talk

White iPhone tags spotted in Houston Best Buy


Half of Verizon smartphone users say they will switch to an iPhone


Report: AT&T working on bringing Personal Hotspot tethering to iPhone


Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders maxed-out within 24 hours

Verizon warns heavy data users of slower speeds ahead

Verizon asks employees not to buy the iPhone

Verizon setting aside iPhones for existing customers

AT&T expands tethering with Wi-Fi hotspot app, offers more data plans

iPhone on Verizon

Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders start Thursday, in stores Feb. 10

AT&T ads tout advantage over Verizon iPhone: Talking while browsing

Push, pull or drag it in: Verizon accepts AT&T iPhone trade-ins

Verizon AT&T iPhones

AT&T reportedly reconsidering unlimited data plans for (some) iPhone customers


Verizon to offer hotspot tethering for $20 a month, says unlimited data plans are temporary

iPhone 5 spec rumors say it will have an A8 CPU

Facebook phone rumors return, with launch dates

report hotspots coming to all iphones with 4 3 firmware update ios personal hotspot

Report: ‘Hotspots’ coming to all iPhones with iOS 4.3 firmware update

Even if Apple does include tethering capability in its next iOS upgrade, AT&T may keep customers from using it.