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lumen device tracks metabolism and creates personalized fitness plan header feature

Lumen measures metabolism, creates personal nutrition plan with a single breath

Lumen -- an Israeli-based digital health and wellness company -- has launched a new device to help with weight management. By simply breathing into the device, also called the Lumen, users are provided with a personalized nutrition plan to help lose weight and achieve fitness goals.
Trek Project One Icon

Trek now lets you build your bike, right down to the paint job

Trek's new Project One Icon site gives cyclists the ability to custom build their bikes right down to the paint job. The process starts with selecting a bike model, then continues to choosing the colors you want to use on it, followed by adding the components you want, with Trek building that exact model to meet the specifications.
Garmin Edge Explore

Garmin’s Edge Explore cycling computer keeps riders connected and more safe

The Garmin Edge Explore is a compact, touchscreen cycling computer with connected features that make it an intriguing option for amateur and pro riders alike. The device features cycling maps, turn-by-turn navigation, notifications, rider-to-rider messaging, group tracking, and much more. The device has a 12-hour battery life and is glove friendly.
Casio G-Shock GBA-800

Casio G-Shock GBA-800 review

Is there still a place for a simple activity tracker? Casio has shown there is, provided it looks nothing like a basic fitness band at all. This is the GBA-800, a watch in the classic G-Shock style with activity tracking technology inside. We’ve been wearing it.
Peloton Digital app

Peloton Digital app gives you unlimited workouts for $20 a month

The Peloton Digital app for iOS is designed to give users yet more curated workout classes, even if they don't own a piece of exercise equipment. The app puts on-demand workout classes at the user's fingertips, and includes outdoor options to go along with the cycling, yoga, and other options.
Inov-8 Graphene shoes

You can run a thousand miles in Inov-8’s new graphene-infused shoes

Sports apparel manufacturer Inov-8 has created what is reportedly the first sports shoe to incorporate graphene into its design, bringing increased durability to running shoes, while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Studies show the shoes are substantially more durable than traditional footwear.

Pair your smart mattress with Eight Sleep’s A.I.-powered Sleep Coach

For something so important, it can really be quite hard to get. We're talking, of course, about a good night's sleep. Back in 2016, Eight Sleep launched the Smart Mattress to help us get some shut-eye, and now, two years later, it's back with an A.I.-powered personal sleep coach, available for both iOS and Android.
polar m430 review rock feat

Polar M430 review

Primogenitor of the heart rate sensor, Polar has fallen behind other fitness tracking companies like Fitbit and Garmin in recent years. With waterproofing and a large suite of fitness tracking tools, does the $200 Polar M430 have enough to leverage Polar's strengths for a new market?
jawbone liquidation dtdeals up3  2

Espionage! Fitbit charged with stealing Jawbone’s secrets

On Thursday, U.S. federal prosecutors officially charged six Fitbit employees, both current and former, in an indictment for possession of stolen trade secrets from Jawbone. According to the indictment, these six employees once worked for Jawbone and received these secrets when they left the company.
fitbit blaze smart fitness watch amazon deal header

Ugh. I’m done with fitness trackers, and so is the world

Remember when tracking your steps, your calories, even your heartbeat throughout the day was the thing? People even wore multiple devices while doing workouts, from cadence monitors to heart-rate tracking chest straps. Turns out people are growing tired of the quantified self. In fact, tech columnist Joshua Fruhlinger has discovered that going for a ride without any tech is a much more enjoyable experience.
garmin vivoactive 3 review 15066

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music adds rockin’ tunes to your favorite workout

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music is an upgraded fitness watch that adds the ability to store up to 500 songs onboard the fitness-focused watch. this addition makes it an all-in-one solution for runners and cyclists who want to listen to their tunes while working out -- without having to carry a smartphone.
nordictrack rw900 rowing machine rm900 1

NordicTrack’s new RW900 rowing machine is a high-tech wonder

NordicTrack's new RW900 smart rowing machine is a high tech fitness device built to get users in better shape. It features a built-in 22-inch screen that provides real-time data on workout statistics, and offers live workouts on demand to provide the boutique fitness experience found in cycling trainers.
reverie sleep coach

Insomnia keeping you up? The Reverie Sleep Coach may help

The Reverie Sleep Coach is touted as a personalized sleep consultation platform. While other sleep coaches attempt to utilize a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to guiding folks to sleep, Reverie instead offers one-on-one guidance, which is apparently an industry first. It all starts with a quiz.
Asics Cellulose Nanofibers

Asics is making your running shoes more durable, easier to run in

Running shoe manufacturer Asics has announced that the latest edition of its Gel-Kayano trainer incorporates cellulose nanofibers - a special material created from the biomass of plants – that is 5 times lighter than steel and yet it is also 5 times stronger too, adding strength and durability to the shoes.
sleepscore app aims to help sleep

SleepScore app aims to take your slumber to new depths

Having trouble achieving a decent night's sleep? SleepScore is a new free app that assesses your sleep quality via sound waves from your smartphone. Based on a score linked to your sleeping patterns, it then offers a range of "sleep goals" together with advice on how you can achieve them.

Runvi’s A.I.-infused smart insoles help runners correct their form

Runvi smart insoles are placed inside running shoes and paired to a smartphone to provide real-time feedback and data collection of a runner's form, which is then analyzed by artificial intelligence to create an athlete-specific training plan designed to help them achieve their goals and run more efficiently.
focus paralane2 road ebike 4

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Road and mountain bike manufacturer Focus announced the new Paralane2, a road bike that continues to evolve the electric market by introducing a model that weighs less than 29 pounds but features a detachable motor and battery that can drop its weight down to 22 pounds when those components are removed.
suunto 9 gps smartwatch battery life suunto2

The Suunto 9 smartwatch lets you go the distance with 120 hours of GPS

Whether you're a serious athlete or a dedicated outdoor enthusiast on an extended expedition, most smartwatches fall short in terms of battery life while GPS tracking is enabled. The Suunto 9 is the ultimate answer providing for up to 120 hours of battery life with GPS tracking turned on.
smartfit gamified programming solutions smartfit1

Train your brain and body with SmartFit’s gamified activities

If you're looking for a way to enhance both your cognitive and physical abilities using the latest gamified technology, SmartFit has a customizable program for you. Whether you're an an athlete, a child, an aging adult, or rehabbing from an injury, SmartFit has a range of products to meet your needs.
polar v800 gopro stryd oakland down town

Workout data from Polar shows we should work smarter, not harder

Fitness wearable manufacturer Polar collected a wide array of data from users over the past year and the results indicate that athletes can improve efficiency and overall fitness by adopting a heart rate-based workout routine rather than increasing their level of intensity and duration, improving times as a result.
lumo running wearable run 1

Your running form sucks. Lumo Run is here to fix it

Lumo Run is a wearable device that pairs with your smartphone and attaches to a runner's shorts to track their cadence, bounce, rotation, and other movements to analyze how efficient their running form is. An app then makes suggestions on how to improve their form, helping them to run further and faster.
vanmoof electrified bikes electrfied 8

Urban commuters can get a pedal boost with two new ebikes from VanMoof

VanMoof took the wraps off two new electric bikes with the introduction of the Electrified X2 and Electrified S2, two new models that offer a range of up to 92 miles with a top speed of 19 mph, while also offering anti-theft features, automatic rider detection, and a matrix display for speed and distance.
Stainless steel with mesh

Fitbit has already shipped a million Versa smartwatches

Fitbit has announced that its latest foray into the smartwatch market is finding a nice measure of success, as the Fitbit Versa has sold 1 million units since debuting on April 16, easily outpacing its predecessor, the Ionic, and providing a serious competitor for the Apple Watch for the very first time.
Nike ACG Ruckle Ridge

Nike’s spiffy-looking hiking boots are designed for urban adventurers

Nike's new ACG Ruckle Ridge hiking boots are designed to be versatile enough to be used on both trails and in urban environments. They provide a level of performance and style that can help the wearer to be comfortable in either place. Priced at $180, the Nike ACG Ruckle Ridge are available now.
Leaos Pressed Bike

Leaos Pressed ebike keeps the weight off without skimping on tech

The Leaos Pressed ebike features a 250-watt, rear-wheel-mounted electric motor; a removable battery pack in the top tube; and tech upgrades such as GPS tracking, smartphone app integrations, an LED lighting system, and cloud supervision -- yet it weighs in at just 31 pounds.
schwinn classic cruiser fitness bike 1

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser brings the retro-styled bike indoors

Schwinn's new Classic Cruiser indoor fitness bike is a stationary exercise machine that looks like a retro-styled bike but features plenty of modern technology, including Bluetooth connectivity, an interactive smartphone app, and compatibility with RideSocial, making it a fun way to get fit and healthy.
Scosche Rhythm24 fitness tracker

Go ahead, dive in. The Scosche Rhythm24 armband is a waterproof heart rate monitor

Scosche has released the Rhythm 24 armband, which is a waterproof fitness tracker that includes a heart rate monitor and calorie counter. It can be used in a variety of sports, including swimming and running, to measure workout metrics and share them to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
National Football League Ravens vs Panthers

Nike’s latest patent seeks to protect athletes with impact-sensing pads

The latest patent from sport apparel manufacturer Nike includes a plan to create a dynamic padding system for football, hockey, and lacrosse players. The system would automatically detect a potential impact and alter the make-up of the pads to help absorb impact, providing a higher level of protection.
respa worlds first breathing sensor respa3

Boost your workouts with Respa, the world’s first breathing sensor

Whether you're a yogi, a runner, or just looking to get back into shape -- Respa can help you attain your fitness goals. The world's first breathing sensor collects your breathing data and provides you with real-time alerts to push harder, ease up, or maintain your rhythm.
Nike Patent

Nike’s latest patent turns your workout clothes into towels

A new patent from Nike tackles an ongoing problem for athletes on how to wipe excess moisture away from their hands and skin without carrying a towel around with them everywhere they go. New workout clothes would add "wipe zones" that would be made of materials to do just that, wiping away excess sweat and water.
arevo 3d printed bike frame cf 5

Carbon fiber bikes may become a whole lot cheaper with 3D-printed frames

Silicon Valley startup Arevo is gearing up to become a force in 3D manufacturing, and to demonstrate its capabilities it has created a new bike frame made from carbon fiber that it says it more affordable and efficient than making traditional carbon frames, potentially changing the bike industry.
Wilier Cento1 Hybrid ebike

Wilier’s new Cento1 Hybrid road ebike weighs just 26 pounds

Bike manufacturer Wilier has taken the wraps off its first ebike the Cento1 Hybrid, which is based on the company's popular Cento1 road bike. The ebike variant uses a rear-hub motor and battery system that reportedly weighs just 8.1 pounds, bringing the overall weight of the bike to just over 26 pounds.
Whoop Strap 2.0

Whoop Strap 2.0 offers 24/7 fitness tracking via a new subscription model

Whoop has brought its new fitness band 2.0 model to the masses by dropping the excessive price of the original in favor of a more affordable subscription model that starts at $30 per month. It delivers 24/7 fitness metric tracking and analysis for those who are serious about their workouts and training.
Coros Pace Smartwatch

Smart bike helmet maker Coros’ GPS fitness watch promises 30 days of battery life

Smart bike helmet manufacturer Coros has expanded its lineup of wearable devices by introducing the new Pace smart GPS multisport fitness watch, which includes built-in heart rate monitor, smartphone integration, durable design, and a 30-day battery life, making it one of the most efficient smartwatches available.