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garmin forerunner 35 fitness tracker app

The Garmin Forerunner 35 gets a $50 price slash on Amazon

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your fitness goals, a fitness tracker might be just what you need. The Garmin Forerunner 35 is one of our all-time favorites, and it’s on sale right now for $50 off its retail price at Amazon.
Propella 2.2 ebike review

Propella 2.2 eBike Review

Propella’s ebike is an affordable entry-level model that is lightweight be electric bike standards. It offers pedal assist up to 18 miles per hour, has a range of 20-40 miles depending on the mode you select, and a unique design that helps it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps most importantly however is that it rides much more like a traditional bike than most electric models, even with the rear-hub drive turned off.
fitbit ace 2 fitness tracker for children on sale

Fitbit’s kid-friendly Ace 2 fitness tracker now available for pre-order

Fitbit is now selling its latest wearable for kids, the Fitbit Ace 2. The entry-level fitness tracker counts steps, tracks active minutes, and monitors sleep to help keep kids active and encourage healthy habits throughout the day. The Ace 2 features a new waterproof design and animated watch faces.
Garmin fenix 5X review wrist close up

REI slashes prices on Fitbit Versa and Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatches

Fitbit and Garmin make some of the best trackers on the market, and REI has a handful of them on sale right now. These deals let you save as much as $150 on high-end smartwatches like the Garmin Fenix 5.

The best cheap fitness trackers of 2019

We've compiled a list of the best cheap fitness trackers currently on the market. No matter if you're looking for something stylish, simple, or just aren't willing to dish out the kind cash necessary for a high-end model, our list offers something for the fitness enthusiast in everyone.
Kate Spade Scallop Touchscreen review

Mother’s Day smartwatch sale: Deals on Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, and more

Mother's Day is coming, and we’ve rounded up some smartwatch deals that would make great gifts for tech-loving moms. These deals run the gamut from fashionable smartwatches to dedicated fitness trackers, with discounts of up to $115.
best fitness watches garmin fenix 5x review feature 2

REI drops up to $150 off on Garmin fitness smartwatches and fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are a great way to get the most out of your workouts and outdoor activities, and Garmin makes some of the best. If you've been looking for one, then REI has a few top-rated Garmin smartwatches on sale for up to 30% off.
garmin forerunner 235 versus 245  music

Garmin Forerunner 245 versus 235: Do maps and music make the step up worthwhile?

Garmin just launched the Forerunner 245, an upgrade to the popular Forerunner 235. So what is new in the Forerunner 245 that makes it such a great training companion? We break down the good and the bad so you can decide if the new Forerunner 245 is the right Garmin for you.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 33

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic smartwatch prices get slashed for spring

Summertime is right around the corner and now's the best time to start slimming down for beach season. The Fitbit Versa and Ionic are two of Fitbit's smartwatch models, and are currently on sale at Rakuten -- and you can get it even cheaper using 'SAVE15' at checkout.
best running shoes feat

Google’s redesigned Fit activity tracker is now an iOS app

Google Fit has landed for iOS. The activity tracker offers the same clean design that came with the major revamp of the Android version a year ago, with also includes features such as Move Minutes and Heart Points, created in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association.
amazon garmin smartwatch deals forerunner

Before buying a Fitbit, check out these Garmin fitness trackers under $100

The Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker, but it's not cheap. Thankfully, there are plenty of fitness trackers under $100, and they offer many of the same features -- including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and more. Here are the best fitness trackers under $100.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 17

The best fitness watches for 2019

The terms smartwatch and fitness trackers are nearly interchangeable as companies like Apple or Fitbit release wearables that so deftly accomplish both skillsets. To help narrow the field of the best smartwatches for fitness, we sorted through the market to find those worthy of a spot on your wrist.
somnox sleep robot pillow sleeping

I had a one-night stand with a sleep robot

Would you sleep with a robot, if it promised to cure insomnia, and leave you better rested? That’s the idea behind the Somnox sleep robot, and we’ve slept with it.
google glass enterprise sutter health

Microsoft says it’s closing its HealthVault patient records service

Microsoft will close its HealthVault service in the fall. HealthVault offered a way for individuals to store and share their health records with medical professionals. The decision comes soon after Microsoft said it is ending support for its Health Dashboard apps for the defunct Band fitness tracker.
sleep tracking pajamas tech gettyimages 545865957

Sleep-tracking wristbands are so 2013. Smart pajamas are the way of the future

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, have developed smart sleep-tracking pajamas, capable of monitoring all the details of your shut-eye. Here's how they work -- and why they may actually be able to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep.
Fitbit Samsung activity tracker deals

Amazon cuts prices on Samsung Gear Fit and Fitbit Alta activity trackers

Spring is here, and many of us are eager to head outside. Whether you’re doing so for fun or fitness, an activity tracker can help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures and workouts, and Amazon has just cut prices on a few of the best models from Fitbit and Samsung.
Fitbit Inspire HR review

Fitbit Inspire HR review

The Fitbit Inspire HR delivers an outstanding value in a fitness tracker, providing all the features you need including solid step tracking, detailed sleep tracking, and reliable heart rate monitoring. The affordable price makes its easy to recommend the Inspire HR for anyone looking to make the jump into the world of fitness tracking.
Fitbit Versa Lite tips and tricks

Fitbit Versa Lite tips and tricks to get started with your new smartwatch

Got your hands on a Fitbit Versa Lite? The cheaper smartwatch may be the pared down version of the more expensive Fitbit Versa, but there's still plenty for you to tweak in the settings. We break everything down in our Fitbit Versa Lite tips and tricks guide.
Fitbit Versa Lite Review

Fitbit Versa Lite review

Fitbit's Versa Lite smartwatch is the company's most affordable smartwatch, but this low price comes with some strings attached. To keep the price affordable, Fitbit trimmed some of the features it bundled in it popular Versa smartwatch. Is this a deal breaker? We put the Versa Lite through its paces to find out.
fitbit versa lite inspire 2019 lineup edition lifestyle blue miki 8247 cropped

Fitbit Versa Lite versus Fitbit Versa: How are they different?

Fitbit took the best of its popular Versa smartwatch and removed some elements to create the new Versa Lite, an even more affordable entry-level smartwatch. How does the Versa Lite differ from the original Versa? We combed through the spec sheet and compared the two to find out.
gazelle arroyo ebike award elite 2

This ebike is so good it won a prestigious design award

The new Arroyo C8 Elite ebike from Gazelle picked up accolades from the prestigious IF Design Awards, taking home a trophy for its balance and comfort. The bike features extended range, classic good looks, and an affordable price, making it a great option for urban commuters looking to ditch their cars.
samsung galaxy watch active news touch wrist message call speech

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and get a free wireless charging pad

The awesome new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is now available for pre-order, and if you order yours from Walmart by Thursday, March 7, then you can score a free wireless charging pad -- a $60 value -- totally free. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is now available for pre-order for $200 from Walmart.
NordicTrack C500 Treadmill

Get personal training at home with a NordicTrack C500 and a free year of iFit

If you’re among those who haven't abandoned their New Year's resolutions, then good in-home workout equipment like the NordicTrack C500 treadmill can make a big difference. For a short time, you can score a free year of iFit software (a $468 value) when you buy a new C500.
soul blade earbuds crowdfunding wireless 1

These wireless earbuds use an A.I. to get you moving faster

The new Blade wireless earbuds from Soul deliver good sound and battery life while also offering the ability to track your heart rate during a workout without the need for a heart rate sensor. The earbuds also offer A.I. coaching to improve running form and fitness in general.
fitbit inspire not available for purchase on your own

Fitbit’s new fitness tracker is its cheapest, but you can’t buy it yourself

The Fitbit Inspire is the company's cheapest wearable device yet, but interested customers will not be able to buy it by themselves. The fitness tracker offers very basic functions and features compared to more advanced products such as the Fitbit Versa, but it may be Fitbit's most important product.
strava slopes ski snowboard collab 1

Strava joins Slopes to record your ski and snowboard stats

Fitness-tracking app Strava joined forces with ski and snowboard app Slopes to track a user's metrics while on the hill. The collaboration allows Strava-loving skiers and snowboarders to not just measure their speed, distance, and vert, but it also creates 3D maps of each run.
Keep it clean with our favorite shoes for spring

Alphabet’s Verily is reportedly working on shoes that can track your weight

Fitness tracking is getting increasingly important, but while the likes of Apple are working on fitness-tracking watches, Alphabet's Verily is instead turning to shoes. According to a recent report, Verily is working on shoes that can track your weight and offer things like fall detection.
mouse microgravity aging study david saint jacques

Could space mice help us develop anti-aging treatments here on Earth?

The International Space Station will be playing host to a group of mice to see how a stint in microgravity affects the way they age. The experiment, called Rodent Research-8, uses mice to understand the physiological changes associated with aging that are caused by time spent in low gravity environments.
adaptive microbots drug delivery 1920x1084 1

Tiny microbots fold like origami to travel through the human body

Tiny robots modeled after bacteria could be used to deliver drugs to hard to reach areas of the human body. Scientists at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have developed elastic microbots that can change shape depending on their environment.
alphabet health watch fda study clearance

Alphabet’s health watch monitors your heart health, is approved by the FDA

A health monitoring watch being developed by Alphabet, Google's parent company, has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a medical device. This means that the FDA has found the devices to be safe and effective, and that they can legally be sold in the US.
wearable devices leading to over diagnosis apple watch ekg feat

Lack of regulation means wearables aren’t held accountable for health claims

The Apple Watch is credited with saving a few lives already, but now that it’s functioning as a wearable ECG, some physicians are worried it could lead to over-diagnosis in young, healthy people. It’s a phenomenon pediatricians are seeing with wearable baby monitors as well.
Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

How to switch TicHealth to Google Fit on the Mobvoi TicWatch C2 and TicWatch Pro

The Mobvoi TicWatch C2 and TicWatch Pro are both much-loved and highly feature-packed watches, and they both offer excellent fitness tracking. In recent updates, Mobvoi has switched out Google Fit on the devices for TicHealth -- but thankfully you can switch them back. Here's how.
Nike Adapt BB

Nike’s Adapt BB shoes let you tighten your laces with an iPhone

The new Nike Adapt BB shoes use self-lacing technology to connect to a smartphone, giving users the ability to not only tighten their laces using an iPhone but also set different levels of tightness based on situations occurring during a game, tuning performance and comfort as needed throughout the competition.
beddr sleeptuner hands on preview ces 2019 1

Beddr SleepTuner hands-on preview

Get past the fact you’ll be in bed with a sensor on your forehead, and the Beddr SleepTuner may be the first step in curing your sleep problems and improving your overall health. This clever piece of tech can detect the causes of sleep apnea, and provide advice on how to mitigate them, after just one night wearing it. We took a closer look at CES 2019.