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muse softband ces 2019

Muse’s Softband will help you meditate your way into a good night’s sleep

Meditation headband maker Muse has unveiled its first soft headband at CES 2019. The Softband allows users to listen to guided meditation on their Amazon Alexa devices, and then keeps track of their sleep patterns while they get some shut-eye. Here's when you can expect it to arrive.
fossil sport smartwatch news pop up 2

Fossil Sport smartwatch: Everything you need to know

Following the launch of Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 3100, Fossil has officially released its first-ever smartwatch with the new chipset. Known as the Fossil Sport, it comes with a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, NFC, and Google's latest version of Wear OS. Here's everything you need to know.
amazon fitbit deals

Amazon slashes prices on Fitbit fitness trackers for the new year

Activity trackers are one of the simplest ways to take your fitness to the next level, and Fitbit makes some of the best on the market today. To help you keep your New Year's resolution to get (and stay) fit, here are a handful of the best Fitbit deals on Amazon right now.
garmin fitness trackers sport watches fenix 5 lifestyle

The ultimate guide to Garmin’s fitness trackers and smartwatches

Garmin is known for its navigation devices, so it's not surprising to see the company jump into the GPS smartwatch and fitness tracker market. The company now has fitness trackers and GPS watches for diving, hiking, running, and more. Here's your guide to the latest Garmin has to offer.
lifesum google assistant app lifesum2a

Lifesum’s new app watches your weight and fitness via Google Assistant

Lifesum, the Swedish digital health company, is launching a new app for Google Assistant to help users tailor their diet and exercise regimes to reach long-term goals like building strength, improving energy levels and health, losing or gaining weight, or controlling hunger pangs, all activated by voice commands.
google fit tips recommendations header

Google Fit wants to help you remember your New Year’s resolutions

Indulge over the holiday season? Of course you did. Want to kick off the New Year with an incentive to get fit? No, not really? But just in case you do, the Google Fit app has a challenge lined up that's designed to "kick-start your journey to a healthier, more active life." Go sign up today!
Polar Vantage V review

Polar Vantage V review

Polar’s new Vantage V is a high-end fitness tracker with more features than you can shake a stick at, and an updated look to compete with the best looking smartwatches out there. But with no actual smartwatch features at launch, can the fitness veteran really compete? We’ve reviewed it to find out.
Microsoft office building

Microsoft patent filing shows wearable that mitigates involuntary movements

A patent application from Microsoft has shown the company is looking into using wearable technology to alleviate symptoms from various diseases and disorders that cause involuntary movements. Using a series of haptic actuators, Microsoft theorizes such tech could be hidden inside clothing.
TheraGun G2Pro

The best fitness gadgets for 2019

Besides using a smartwatch or fitness tracker, there are a number of other tech gadgets that can assist in our efforts to lead a healthier life. Those devices often offer features and technology that smartwatches don't providing functionality that goes beyond just tracking metrics in an effort to keep us health and injury free.
Suunto Spartan Sport Baro

The best hiking watches

A capable hiking watch should monitor exercise metrics and act as a navigational tool during all types of treks. In a perfect world, it'll also have a built-in GPS and sensors capable of recording data like heart rate, altitude, and distance. Here are five of the best hiking watches.
rei sale garmin fitbit gopro 783029b6 8d1a 433d b9af ef44437b0547

REI clearance sale extends discounts on Garmin, Fitbit, and GoPro devices

REI just launched its holiday clearance sale, offering up to 50 percent off tons of outdoor needs. The promotion is a great opportunity to snag quality gear for skiing and snowboarding, hiking, camping, and more. Whether for you or to gift, purchase now and get it in time for Christmas and skiing season.
google fit tips recommendations header

Google Fit app finally gets a widget, among other new features

Google Fit hasn't received any new features since its major redesign this past summer. Starting this week, the company is rolling out a few new tools -- ranging from a widget to the ability to adjust workout intensity. Wear OS smartwatch owners will also have access to a breathing exercise app.
fitness deals space saving equipment aerobics brand color 39671 1500

These fitness deals come just in time to work off those holiday calories

Finding space at home to get in a few sets and reps can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately, there are plenty of compact fitness equipment options available that will work within the confines of virtually any house. You can even find a number of them on sale right now at Amazon and Walmart.
home gym fitness gear deals walmart yoga

Build your own home gym with discounted fitness gear from Walmart

A home gym is an easy way to squeeze in a workout in your own time. With just a few pieces of equipment and a lot of motivation you can build up your own home gym. If you've been planning to seriously invest in your health and fitness goals, start with these discounted items from Walmart.
Huawei Band 3 Pro review

Huawei Band 3 Pro review

Huawei’s latest fitness tracker is the Huawei Band 3 Pro. At $70, the Band 3 Pro is meant to be a versatile device that can be worn both day and night while also providing advanced fitness tracking when you need it. But with very few differences from its predecessor, is it worth the upgrade? Find out in our Huawei Band 3 Pro review.
withings pulse hr angles

Withings new Pulse HR is a customizable, connected fitness tracker

Fresh from its split from Nokia, Withings is on a roll, releasing its second health and fitness device, the Pulse HR. Inspired by its first fitness device the Pulse, the new Pulse HR is updated with the latest in fitness technology including smart notifications, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and more.
cityrow go rowing machine promo

Row your way to a healthy bod with the CityRow Go connected rowing machine

Want the connected experience of a Peloton but dislike biking? You can now feel the burn of a cardio-busting rowing session from the comfort of your living room with the new CityRow Go connected home rowing machine. It's like working out with friends without all the hassles of a gym.
Magnetic Bike Lights

These bike lights use the magic of magnetism to generate power

Magnetic Microlights are a new product introduced on Kickstarter that are a designed for cyclists and urban commuters who are looking for a wireless, battery free option for generating light while riding their bikes. Using magnets to create power, the system delivers a bright, steady light that is eco-friendly and safe.
garmin vivosmart 4 review hr feat

Garmin Vivosmart 4 review

On paper, Garmin's latest fitness band, the Vivosmart 4, hits the mark with its stylish design, a pulse ox sensor, and innovative features like body battery. How do these features measure up in real life? Are they worthwhile or a waste? We put the Garmin fitness tracker to the test to find out.
wau ebike crowdfunding 1

The Wau stands out in the crowded ebike market with its 60-mile range

Launched and funded on Indiegogo, the Wau ebike's high-tech features help it to stand out from the competition, including built-in lights on the front and back, a color LCD touchscreen, and GPS tracking. It also has a range of as much as 60 miles and a pedal-assist speed of 15-20 mph depending on the model.
retyre zip on bike tires 1

These zip-on bike tires change up your tread to match the terrain

Retyre is a new concept for bike owners that gives them the ability to zip on new tires to match the terrain they'll be riding on. The tires can be added in under 60 seconds, providing more grip for off-road or winter riding on a bike that isn't traditionally outfitted for those conditions, all without having to remove the existing tires.
Kate Spade Scallop Touchscreen review

Google Fit and new notifications arrive in much-needed Wear OS update

Google has announced an update to Wear OS, its smartwatch operating system, which brings new notifications, more Google Assistant, and the recent changes to Google Fit to your wrist. The software update is now rolling out, and is paving the way for the next generation of Google-powered wearables.
logicink tattoo uv sensor

7 of the most unusual wearable wellness devices

The Apple Watch Series 4 may currently be the toast of health-conscious wearables world. But there are plenty of other, more experimental wellness wearables out there -- able to do everything from take blood to monitoring how much UV light we soak up. Here are the most intriguing.

Just $100 buys you this super-tough — and very cool — G Shock fitness watch

Casio has announced a new Bluetooth-connected fitness watch in its G Shock line. The GBD-800 has an all-new digital display to show more data, plus plenty of fitness tracking technology inside. It combines all this with a classic G Shock look, proper toughness, and an attractive price.
Suunto 9 Smartwatch

Suunto 9 review

Adventurers and ultrarunners love Suunto's multi-sport GPS smartwatches because of their long battery life. The new Suunto 9 pushes the power envelope ever further delivering a mind-blowing 120 hours of continuous tracking. Does the watch live up to its hype? We went out into the wild to find out how the Suunto 9 stacks up against the competition.
honor band 3 news polar running program4

Take your workout up a notch with two new fitness watches from Polar

Polar introduced two new fitness watches to help athletes up their workout game. The Polar Vantage V is made for elite athletes looking for the best performance possible, while the Vantage M is designed for the more budget-conscious athlete who still needs detailed metrics tracking.
yamaha power assist ebikes stores pa 1

Yamaha brings Power Assist ebikes to the U.S. for the first time

Yamaha has announced that its line of four Power Assist ebikes are available in North American cycling shops. This marks the first time Yamaha's electric bicycles have gone on sale in the U.S., as the firm works to build out its partnerships with retailers in an effort to deliver the four models to consumers.
mirror personal trainer male phone 0172 r3

Mirror unveils a gym-in-a-mirror, so you can watch yourself sweat

Mirror is an on-demand, interactive home gym built into an ordinary full-length mirror. The device is essentially a giant LCD screen: Behind your reflection is a personal trainer who guides you through a variety of workouts. Hang it on a wall, clear a space on the floor, and your den becomes a gym.
Red Paddle Co. Compact SUP Board

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard can go anywhere with you

Red Paddle Co. created a stand-up paddleboard that is designed to go with you anywhere. The inflatable Compact 9'6" model is a full-sized SUP that has been built to fold down to a size that is half that of a standard inflatable model, while also managing to slide into a backpack that makes it easy to carry.
google fit tips recommendations header

Google Fit hands-on: Bare-bones, but effective

You could have earned a Bachelor's degree in the time it took Google to deliver a significant update to its Fit app. It's finally here, and the update doesn't just bring a slick redesign, but it makes fitness tracking far less overwhelming. We've been testing the new Google Fit, here's what it's like.
tonal machine learning gym fitness 2

Compact home gym uses machine learning to help you work out smarter

Tonal is a new home gym that can help users work out more efficiently thanks to its built-in machine learning capabilities. The system mounts on the wall, includes a 24-inch screen, and can track a user's progress, automatically scaling up the amount of weight in their workouts based on their long-term progression.
Google Fit

Redesigned Google Fit uses Heart Points and Move Minutes to keep you active

Google is finally giving Google Fit a major update. The company has announced an overhaul of the app that will make it a little more proactive in keeping users active, along with tracking what Google calls "Heart Points" and "Move Minutes." The update is rolling out this week.

Is Google launching an A.I. fitness coach for smartwatches?

Google is reportedly working on a health and well-being coach for Wear OS devices. Known as "Google Coach," the assistant will suggest workouts, meal plans, and more, based on a user's activity. It could eventually roll out to Google Home and Android TV.
Mio Cyclo 210 bike computer

This cycling computer has a ‘surprise me’ feature for finding random routes

The Mir Cyclo 210 is a cycling computer packed with a variety of features, including turn-by-turn navigation; route, distance, and speed tracking; and full on- and off-road maps for Europe. But one of its best features is the "surprise me" option, which tasks the computer with finding random alternate routes to a destination.